quick beauty: applying your perfume and avoiding the office police

January 29, 2013By stephanie

Ugh. We have all been there. We have a favourite, signature scent, that perks us up, makes us productive, and just overall makes us feel 100%. And then … we have the office police. That troll of a person who complains about EVERYTHING from the gab and laughter that wafts out the lunchroom door when someone opens it, the cold draft that comes when anyone walks by her cube that disturbs her, and *gasp* the waft of sweet perfume that she catches and makes her “ill”. Don’t get me wrong … I understand and appreciate allergies, etc. but sometimes people go WAY to far. How do you wear your “A” game without offending anyone? Try to keep your “scents” to a minimum. If you are going to wear perfume, keep your shampoos, body lotions and other skincare items fragrance-free so there isn’t a huge mix of smells coming from your direction. In addition, keep your perfume application to two pulse points: the wrist and behind the knee. It sucks that a few bad apples has to ruin it for all .. but in the spirit of good karma, you can still have your perfume and wear it too!