expert advice : spring skincare

April 29, 2014By DJMC

I don’t need to tell you how crazy this past winter was (can I say it’s over yet?). As we slowly but surely make our way into spring and eventually into summer, we should all be doing things like checking for expired makeup products, perhaps updating our beauty bags to include some brighter colours, and above all updating our skincare regimes.

Image: by imagerymagestic

We turned to one of our in-house skincare experts Naomi Mundy of In The Buff Spa for some tips to keep in mind as we change seasons. Naomi is a seasoned makeup and skincare pro, and offers services such as facials, skin resurfacing treatments and specialty treatments through In The Buff. Check out her lineup of offerings and be sure to follow her on Twitter!

Naomi’s top tips:

  1. Re-evaluate your skin care routine.  A change to warmer weather means it’s time to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Make sure you choose one that is best suited for your skin type.
  2. When in doubt, seek professional help. Estheticians can help you pick the right products for your skin type and conditions like dehydration.
  3. Exfoliation is key to healthy glowing skin, especially after this crazy weather we have been experiencing! If using a manual exfoliant, look for ones that do not contain nut shells as these can cause micro tears on the skin. If using chemical exfoliant, look for ones with glycolic or salicylic for oily/acneic skin and lactic acid if you are dry or experiencing dehydration.
  4. Book in for regular facials with your favorite esthetician. Regular facials will help your skin maintain its healthy appearance and address any concerns you may have like sun damage, or rough and uneven texture and tone.

at the studio : featherband

April 25, 2014By stephanie

They’re here!

BlushPretty has been a huge fan of Toronto-based
(actually now Ottawa-based but definitely Toronto-born)

Designer Amanda Wu creates the most gorgeous pieces
ranging from the ultra glamourous  (think Gatsby inspired jewelled bands)
to the most simply spare but eye-catching combs (a feather here, a crystal there).
We’re pretty sure you’re bound to love one …

We invite you to visit us at the studio to see what 2014 brings from Featherband.


musings from morgan : degree motionsense

April 24, 2014By DJMC

I am a busy lady, and I’m sure you are too. So, I bet you can appreciate a good long-lasting product when you come across one, especially in the personal hygiene department. We spend a lot of time, energy and money focusing on looking put together, but sometimes we forget to look for products that will help us feel and, well – smell better! Sure, we may have a signature perfume, but if there’s a step I’d like to think most of us always include in our morning routines, it’s antiperspirant to make sure we tackle more than just B.O.! It’s all a part of getting made up in the mornings from our heads down to our toes.

Unpleasant as it is, everybody sweats. Our underarms mean well when they’re working overtime, and it’s all in the name of keeping our bodies nice & cool. Degree has a really great page on their website with the scoop on sweat – it’s an informative read if you’re ever asking yourself why on earth something so unpleasant is so common.

Degree was also kind enough to share their latest product to manage your underarms, MotionSense, which claims to respond directly to your body movement and – get this – last 48 hours.

I swapped out my usual antiperspirant for MotionSense in Berry Cool over the last week, and while I didn’t dare test the 48 hour claim (sorry guys – I just can’t skip a shower!) I did vow to apply once in the morning and only touch-up if things got really bad. Perhaps that’s normal for you, but since I usually head to the gym in the evenings I typically apply another round of coverage pre-workout.

While I can’t say I noticed bursts of fresh scents throughout the day, I will say I was thoroughly impressed by the product’s performance. A typical weekday lands me home for the night around 9 p.m., and I still felt and smelled (or so I think) as fresh as I did when I left in the mornings for work. No need to reapply, even before the gym.

For a drugstore brand antiperspirant, it exceeded my expectations and provided a long-lasting result. If you decide to check it out and put the 48-hour claim to the test, let me know…I’m awfully curious.

Disclosure: These products were sent to for editorial consideration by the brand’s public relations team. We tested and reviewed the product to share our honest opinion with you (our fabulous readers) and would only ever recommend or review products we truly believe in!

recos from regina : NYC smooch proof lip stain

April 23, 2014By DJMC

Recently, we were given the chance to try out the NYC Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain, a product that claims to provide a sheer yet intense colour that lasts. With a day off and a few errands to run, I tried it out in Unstoppable Red to see if it stood the test of time.

When I first applied the lip stain at 8:00 am, I was impressed by how nice the colour was and how quickly it dried. Since this was my first time trying out a lip stain of any brand I didn’t know what to expect, but I did find myself applying lip balm as I felt my lips started to dry out during the day.

When I had my first meal (coffee and a muffin), I noticed & liked that the colour didn’t rub off on my mug. A few hours later, I met up with my husband for lunch at a buffet restaurant, and after 2 hours of eating, some of the lip stain started to come off but there was still visible product.

Afternoon snacks, dinner, dessert and more beverages came along and surprisingly, some of the product still remained! Not too bad for a product that retails around $5 at the drugstore.

By the end of the day, the stain lasted about 12 hours. I was impressed by it’s staying power, despite the fact it didn’t quite give me the full 16 hours of complete coverage.  The only advice that I would give is to keep lip balm on hand as it may start to dry out your lips. However, if you’re looking for a stain on a budget that comes in a variety of colours, we definitely think you should check it out!

Disclosure: These products were sent to for editorial consideration by the brand’s public relations team. We tested and reviewed the product to share our honest opinion with you (our fabulous readers) and would only ever recommend or review products we truly believe in!