things we love : bridesmaid beauty etiquette

August 19, 2014By DJMC

It’s no secret we’re in the business of brides here at BP, and we’re always interested in sharing articles and content that will help them navigate the wedding planning process.

We came across this article on and found it was too good not to share: “Your Burning Bridesmaid Beauty Etiquette Questions, Answered!”

Most brides count on their bridal party to help them get ready for their big day, but it can be a big task to take on for them to participate. This article takes you through some key things to keep in mind when planning your wedding to make sure everyone feels appreciated and things are looked after in a fair matter.

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recos from regina : urban decay pulp fiction nail polish

August 14, 2014By DJMC

I must confess – despite being a teenager in the 1990s, I had never seen Pulp Fiction. I only know that Quentin Tarantino directed the movie, it starred John Travolta and Uma Thurman and that came out in 1994. But when Urban Decay came out with a limited edition Pulp Fiction Collaboration to commemorate the film’s 20th anniversary, I was interested in trying it for myself.

The Pulp Fiction collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, limited edition Revolution Lipstick, nail colour and  a 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil.

I was excited to have the chance to try out the Mrs. Mia Wallace nail colour. The colour is a “deep red with a slight shimmer.” In the words of Urban Decay, “the ultra limited edition Pulp Fiction inspired shade comes in our custom-designed skull topped bottle drenched in black just for this collection.”

As this is my first time trying out an Urban Decay nail colour, I was looking forward to trying the nail polish because of its blood-red colour and the golden shimmer in it.

The colour did not disappoint and is one that can be used year round. As Fall colours start to come out in beauty and fashion, this would be amazing for the season. This colour will be great for all skintones as well.

What I also liked was the “400-strand brush.” It’s great because of its thinness. I did not make any mistakes while painting my nails. To get the desired colour that I was looking for, I used 2 coats and each coat dried my nails very quickly.  The nail colour is also a 3 free formula (no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP).

The Urban Decay Limited Edition Pulp Fiction nail colour in Mrs. Mia Wallace can currently be found at a selected Shopper’s Drug Mart locations and Sephora for $18.00 CDN. It can also be found at for $15.00 USD for a limited time.

Disclosure: This product was sent to BlushPretty as a press sample for editorial consideration.

musings from morgan : stila vinyl lip gloss

August 13, 2014By DJMC

I’m always up for trying a new long-wear lip product, since as much as I love putting lipstick or gloss on I hate having to constantly check and make sure it’s still in place, not bleeding, rubbing off, and so on. When I can put something on and know for sure it’s not going to budge, I’m a happy lady.

Having not tried Stila’s lip products before, I was anxious to give the Vinyl Lip Gloss a whirl as it’s one of their Stay All Day products (a key phrase for me) and I usually stay away from gloss since it tends to move around and rub off quite quickly. I was able to try the product in a totally fitting shade for me, Merlot Vinyl, since I looove a deep & vampy red, especially with fall on the way.

The first thing I noticed was how seriously opaque this product was! Don’t let the fact that it’s a gloss fool you into thinking this is a light, sheer product – it packs a ton of pigment, which allows it to leave behind a bold stained effect even after the glossiness has faded.

It glides on smooth, and given that it’s so pigmented you do have to be careful about where you’re putting product. Stay inside the lines! It’s super moisturizing thanks to ingredients like seaweed extract and organic green coffee oil, a major selling point for fans of this product.

From a long-wear perspective, this gloss definitely leaves colour on your lips for extended periods of time but the glossiness itself seems to fade much like a typical lip gloss. If you want the high-shine effect to last, keep it with you and touch up throughout the day, but if you like the stain effect and the touch of colour sans shine, this will absolutely stay put. I tried both looks by applying as intended, then blotting the shine away – I think I prefer the blotted finish myself.

Overall, the gloss delivers on pigmentation and longevity, but don’t expect the high-shine to last all day without any touch ups. It’s available at Sephora and Murale for $32.00 CAD.

Disclosure: This product was shared with me for review on behalf of as a press sample for editorial consideration.

expert advice : tips for managing breakouts

August 12, 2014By DJMC
Image courtesy of Ambro /

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s been a stressful week, maybe it’s that time of the month, or maybe it’s just seemingly out of nowhere, but blemishes popping up all over your face unexpectedly is never a good time. I personally had a sudden breakout a few weeks back that had me looking at areas of my face that almost never see a sign of a pimple! Naturally, I reached out to BlushPretty’s resident skincare expert, Naomi Mundy of In The Buff to ask for some preventative tips as well as ways to manage a breakout when it strikes that are useful to keep on hand!

  1. Nourish the skin from the inside out. Omega 3 & 6 or flax seed oil (if you are vegan) will help to nourish and feed the skin.
  2. There is no need to treat the whole face if you only have breakout in certain areas. Spot treatments are very effective – look for products with salicylic acid (oily + acne), glycolic acid (oily + acne), lactic acid (dry + acne). Don’t over use these products either! Remember to wear your sunscreen as the acids can make you photosensitive.
  3. If your skin is oily and you have acne, you may want to check your skin’s hydration level. The lack of water in the skin can lead to an acne breackout. Be sure to use a hydrating serum (look for hylaronic acid) as one of the main ingredients.
  4. This may be TMI but if you are a bit, ahem, backed up…that can also be a cause for acne. Make sure that you diet consists of a lots of fruit and vegetables; the darker the better.
  5. Have yourself checked for food allergies; soy, shellfish, sugar, wheat (gluten), dairy can all be potential triggers for acne breakouts. A visit to your doctor or a naturopathic doctor may be in order.
  6. Make sure that your skincare routine is made for your skin type and that you are not stripping your acid mantel. Above all, you want to be gentle with your skin; you only have one face. See your esthetician for regular facials and to have your skincare routine updated each season.

Here’s hoping my next breakout is a long ways off!

lightbox : my DIY brides …

August 11, 2014By stephanie

I am saying this because it’s totally true … but the bp team attracts the best brides.
The absolute most resourceful brides.

Recently, Samantha had a bride whose parents made the silk robes she and her bridesmaids wore, and also created the gazebo in the backyard
where she had her ceremony.

One of my recent brides made the cufflinks for her groomsmen,
(and they were super cute!),  and the decorations for her reception
amongst many other DIY projects.

And another one of my brides … well … she made her cake. Yep. Her cake.
And that pic above is it. In all it’s glory.

Beautiful, huh?

My hat goes off to all my awesome-sauce, Grade A, DIY brides.
You are all so inspiring. You are like my very own personal pinterest … :)