scene+heard : style me pretty, april 2015

May 4, 2015By stephanie

So excited for a bride who happens to be smokin’ hot on the outside and equally on fire on the inside too!


Just the past week, one of our 2014 brides was featured in Style Me Pretty! I remember this day fondly not only because she was blessed with a beautiful day and venue that was picturesque before pictures even started, but also because her and her bridal party were the chillest and sweetest bridal party around.  (And I say this confidently because a few months later, we did the wedding for one her bridesmaids where the bride then became the bridesmaid – sorry, that was probably confusing – and  the team and I had the opportunity to spend the morning with a super chill and easy bridal party AGAIN!).

We cannot get over how beautifully framed and edited these images are from Tied Photo and Film. It’s truly a testament to a picture being worth a thousand words.  They really captured the beauty of our bride.


We wish Claire and her husband a lifetime of love, happiness and bliss.

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what to wear : wood watches by jord …

May 1, 2015By stephanie

When it comes to my accessories, I often lean towards feminine, delicate and lightweight. Arm candy is often my favourite, and I can be found most days of the week pairing thin bangles with small charm bracelets and the like.


But then, I’ll often find the need to offset the delicate with something strong. I might wear my arm candy with sweats and a pair of high-tops. Or, a button down denim shirt and a baseball cap. It’s just the way I pair things.

My favourite way to wear delicate versus strong is with my watch. My choice in watches has always been more strong and statement than soft and sweet and you will often find me reaching for a men’s style watch over a women’s one. I like large faces and strong bands, and while I do own a leather one or two, I adore the look of metal links.

So, naturally, when Jord watches, the makers of a series of beautifully crafted wood watches, wanted to send me one, I immediately scoured my options for the biggest, most masculine one. I opted for the Fieldcrest, a midsize watch perfect for days when I feel casual and days when I want to dress it up a bit. Plus, it gave me the look of links but in a different texture than metal. I loved that!


Made of dark wood and complete with a black face, I wear my Jord slightly loose and I am more akin to wearing watches like bracelets rather than cuffs. I should also add that while I do try to wear a watch most days of the week and actually look at it as often as possible, I am the type of person  who arrives RIGHT on time (or one minute late) as opposed to five minutes early – so keep in mind that for me this watch is all about stylizing my overall look and not necessarily function. I wish I could honestly tell all of you that I’m the most punctual person to never leave you waiting. I’m not.  Ha ha!

So that said – the very beautiful look of a wood watch is so versatile for any look I choose. Like any other watch you may have in your accessories wardrobe, Jord watches can be fitted to size, come in a range of colours (light wood to deep dark wood), and a variety of sizes (they do have a women’s line filled with smaller styles). In addition, the face of your watches come in a variety of colour sad styles which means you can easily choose a watch that suits your personal style preferences.

As mentioned above, I chose a darker style that’s pretty standard : dark wood with a black face. I tend to wear a lot of black, grey and navy in my wardrobe so this pairing made the most sense of me.


My absolute favourite thing about this watch : it’s super lightweight! So I get all the feel of a strong men’s watch … but the airiness of something as delicate as my gold bangles. Given what we do  at BlushPretty, my arms get a good workout flailing around doing hair and brushing on makeup – I can move around freely without feeling like my watch is getting in the way. You might think, “OMG Steph – it’s just a watch! How can it get in the way?” but the way I have done things in the past, I’ve been known to remove my jewellery halfway through the day.

I’m really impressed with my Jord Watch, and it’s in regular rotation with my outfits. Im really thankful to Jord watches for letting me test one out! Now if only I could be really really really on time … for everything …

Have great weekend everyone!

– stephanie –