scene+heard : when i’m on location …

November 12, 2015By stephanie


Very rarely do I ever post pics of myself on here …
but I recently received one of myself “in-action”.

I’m also posting it because I look slimmer than I actually am,
it’s a great angle for my face, and
look at that hair I did! ha ha!


how to : ensure better hair days …

November 11, 2015By stephanie

Hair. It’s the one thing that can shoot down a gal, even the most savviest and uber-chic of ’em. Hair can make us feel like a million bucks on it’s best days, and like garbage on its worst.

In a world where products to pre-style, style, and post-style your hair and a blow dry bar are on almost every corner and in every shop, it’s super easy to overdo it. And overdoing it – well … that leads to damaged, weak, and unruly hair.


Here are my top three tips to ensure better hair days … or at least better hair days most days of the week.

1. Detox your hair : Instead of letting your hair get dependent on styling aids and products,  bring it back to basics. You know how a grown women will ooh and ahh over a 4th grader’s beautiful hair … well, chances are that 4th grader didn’t use a hair primer, a blow dryer, and some hair oil on her split ends before she went to school. Best bet it’s wash and go … or even better, a two day old wash. Start the Friday night before a weekend hibernating at home. Wash your hair clean of any and all product and let it air dry. Leave it alone Saturday night. Leave it alone Sunday night. On Monday … do a co-wash : wash your hair with cleansing conditioner only, like Wen or Herbals Essences’ Naked Cleansing Conditioner. Let it air dry while you get ready for work. If you dread not styling it, throw it up in a top knot. Whatever you do, go product free for a good week or two. Co-wash every few days, and if anything, shampoo once a week. After two weeks, re-introduce products into your routine, but only when you really need to and not everyday. You’ll find your hair will look great on non-product days, and super responsive and cooperative on styled days!

2. Limit your hot tools : I know, easier said then done, but truth bomb – hair always looks better when beach waves are actually created by the beach and bedhead actually happens while in bed. Going to bed with your hair in loosely plaited french or dutch braids or twirling your hair into two Princess Leia buns while you let it air dry over night gives you all the trendy styles, without the heat. Plus it looks natural, effortless and healthy.  Save your hot tools for the occasional blowout or the long awaited girls night out.

3. Make regular dates with your hair stylist : Even when growing your hair long, trips to your hair stylist are key to better hair days. You need your stylist to maintain your hair shape and clean up rogue ends – both are integral to how your hair responds to your styling and how it looks day to day.  This is especially true for those going through the awkward growing out phase.  Seeing your stylist for trims regularly – even though you want to keep all those inches – will allow her to restructure and reshape your style as it grows so you don’t struggle with it daily. For those who wear their hair long already – your long beautiful hair will never look amazing if your ends are a wreck. Call your stylist. Now.

Hope these tips help on this happy hump day!


scene+heard : lowe+simone photoshoot …

November 10, 2015By stephanie


I couldn’t wait to share photos with you from a recent photoshoot we did for

The BTS photograph was taken by Margarita, a bp assisting artist,
and we couldn’t be more pleased with how the shoot went.

This particular shot was in the final minutes of the shoot,
when after completing all the planned out and scheduled wardrobe and styling options,
Laura, Samantha and I decided to fit in one more that just screamed
“excess … but just a level lower than that”.

A very big thank you to Laura Amaya for her makeup skills,
Samantha Wilson for her hair prowess,
and to Rebecca, Margarita and Erin who assisted with the shoot.

Also, we cannot forget two important people and friends of bp :
Ann Carballo, our photographer
Michelle Trudeau, our model
and the new face of Lowe+Simone.

More shots to come … promise!


try it : rock ‘n’ roll eyes a.k.a. smudged eyeliner …

November 9, 2015By stephanie

You can waste hours perfecting smokey shadow, but an edgy “let’s rock” kind of eye can take just a few products and a cotton swab. A girl can look just as alluring and just as glam with unkept eyeliner!

KarlieWhen I wear this type of rock ‘n’ roll look a la Karlie Kloss above, I like to make sure the complexion is perfection. I’ll take a bit more time concealing and brightening around the eyes, and be super mindful of oil and shine control. I prefer a matte (but not super matte) face when the eyes are this defined. With blush – I’ll keep it in shades of sheer peach, maybe with a hint of shimmer so I do not look like complete death. (One may opt to go a bit bronze). Lips are a sheer gloss in a soft shade, nothing too bright, bold or statement making.

To get the eyes lined right, start with the following products :

  • a kohl liner in your shade of choice but I prefer deep brown, graphite or black (of course!);
  • a sheer eyeshadow in nude, bone, or champagne;
  • a mascara; and
  • a cotton swab, or pencil eyeshadow brush.

First, I’ll sweep the eyeshadow over the entire lid and work my way up to the brow bone. Create a nice even layer of shadow which will serve as a nice backdrop to your eyeliner.

Next, I line the eyes once around … keep the line thin to begin within, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – you’re smudging it after all. Taking your swab or pencil brush, gently diffuse the line stroking back and forth and upward. Repeat once more if you want a bit of a thicker appearance.

Once you’ve lined the upper and lower lids, press your eye kohl (or pencil) into the lashes and your lash line from underneath. If you are comfortable filling in the waterline, you can do so and this will give a more badass appearance like Karlie’s. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be an ass-kicker if you press and smudge colour into the lashes from underneath but the overall appearance is just a hint softer.

Once you’ve hit your desired smudge limit, I like to take my pencil brush dipped in your neutral eyeshadow and softly diffuse the ends and tops of the smudged eyeliner. If you want a hint more drama, you can do this step with a sheer shade of eyeshadow in the same colour as your eyeliner.

To finish, swipe on layers of mascara, and groom the brows.

Try it!