You did it! You survived The Holidays 2014 … and with that, you can focus on building and planning a fabulous 2015. Yep. 2015. It’s right around the corner. Like, literally, 3 sleeps away, people.

How will you make 2015 a beautiful year? Will you aim to get more sleep? To strive for a better work/life balance? Lose ten pounds of holiday weight or gain ten pounds in lean muscle mass? Eat better? Find a better job? Or just keep everything the same?

Whatever you plan to do, the start of a new year is always a great time to clean out the old makeup and bring in the new. What old makeup, you say? Oh, you know – that almost expired lipstick that you’ve worn only a few times. Or that cracked eyeshadow that continues to make a mess of your makeup bag. And don’t forget those brushes that leave single pieces of hair all over your face with each use. In the words of N’sync … Bye Bye Bye.

Take those gift cards and use them for what they were meant for : to treat yourself. Sephora gift cards are a no brainer! Use it to refresh your foundations and concealers, or perhaps a new eyeshadow palette. Wal-Mart would be great for picking up some new brushes: EcoTools or Real Techniques anyone? Target would be a great place to score a colourful new makeup bag; and Shoppers Drug Mart : think nail polishes, makeup wipes, or any of your favourite drugstore brands!

2015 – a beautiful new year indeed!