Okay. So, I am totally late to the party. I know.

The party I’m talking about … PINTEREST.

Actually, I’m not THAT late. In fact, I have had the BlushPretty account open since earlier this year and while I did pin here and there … I didn’t really use Pinterest as a tool … until recently.

Chalk it up to the end of the year when all I care to do is nestle under a big fluffly throw and hunker down with my iPad and a list of my favourite blogs, that I have finally caught the PIN bug. I’m pinning almost everyday!!  If I could I might pin ALL day, but I have these little humans called “kids” and a four-legged creature called “a dog” and a full-size human called “a husband” that sometimes require my attention and distract me from doing so. Hmpf!

Anyway …

As of late, I’ve totally redesigned the BlushPretty profile on Pinterest and I am rather excited to share with you – clients, brides, friends, followers – our (as in the BlushPretty team) boards and ideas.

Now, when you visit our page on Pinterest you’ll see I have re-categorized everything (hello Type A!) … but that’s just so you can find everything a little bit easier!

For the brides, there is a board dedicated to bridal trends in 2013 – it’s a collection of all the hair and makeup images that echo and resonate with what all our current 2013 brides are looking to achieve on their wedding day. Also check out “the updo …” or  “the braided hair …” if you’re a bridesmaid looking for hair ideas.

For the makeup and hair collection enthusiasts, aka shopaholics, we’ve started a board titled “stuff we love … ” for you to get your shopping lists prepared with and also, “the boutique …” to showcase what we carry at the studio.

And for the artist, whether you’re a freelance one, an aspiring one, or just someone who LOVES to play with it all, we’ve divided up our boards into our favourite features – “the fresh skin …”, “the flush …”, “the bold lip …”, and “the smokey eye …” – you get the idea, right?

So join us and our party (the really really late one) on Pinterest today. We’ll be looking for you!



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