I don’t know what it is about Back to School, but I always find myself restocking and replenishing my kit in September when I’m trolling the aisles for notebooks, pencil cases, and fresh markers for the kids.

In my head, it seems odd. While we still have plenty of weddings to go throughout the fall season, September-October-November is when most freelance artists start to experience the onset of the “off-wedding season” and a “slow period” – so why should I stock up my kit now?

The only answer I came up with to this question is:

” … because I’m kinda weird like that.”

Anyhoo, my mental issues aside … I’m pretty sure there are plenty of makeup artists out there who end up doing the same thing. The fresh fall palettes and back to school buzz inspires a whole new “let’s rejuvenate the kit” mentality. So let me get into it and tell you all about what I have done in preparation for the “off-wedding season”.

I went crazy at MAC.

(This is a line fit for the whole “Sh*t makeup artists say” videos.) In addition to replenishing my concealers, and picking up some fresh tubes of lippies, I also picked up some empty 2 oz. foundation bottles. By the end of a busy summer season, I find that my large bottles of MAC Face and Body foundation are near empty and also, the tops of bottles are caked on with gunk and goop. Ew! I decanted all my leftover foundation into these smaller bottles which has lightened the load. In addition, I can now take my empties and use the Back To Mac recycling to my advantage.

I stormed every Wal-Mart within a 30 km radius and cleaned out their lashes.

Shopping at Wal-Mart – fun. Cashing out at Wal-Mart – hell. So instead of having to do it every other week or so when prepping for a wedding … I decided I rather spend one day in checkout hell and visit like five Wal-Marts and clean them out of Ardell lashes: 109, 110, 120, 301, 305 and just in case some 101, 116, and some single clusters. I would like to point out that I must have another savvy makeup artist residing in the same area doing the same thing because I’ve been having a damn-hard time trying to find the 110 and 109. It’s war lady! *shaking my fist*

I anti-bacterialized, lysol-ed, and vacuumed my kit.

Yes yes – we (makeup artists) do sanitize our brushes and product between each use … that’s a given. But what I did was I DUMPED every single piece of product and every case out of my roller case. Then I proceeded to vacuum the inside of my roller case, collect all the loose bobby pins and stray items that were tossed in various corners and pockets, wiped away any lipstick/eyeliner/foundation stains that could be removed and to finish – I sprayed the whole thing with Lysol. It doesn’t stop there. I then went through each of my individual cases. Wiped/washed each of the cases and sprayed with Lysol. Then, I wiped each product down with a lysol wipe – not the actual product – but the casing to remove any product gunk or powder dust or whatever. Presentation is everything.

I did the smell test.

Once I managed to clear the senses of any Lysol, I went through each of my product. If it smelled wrong, it got tossed. If it was close to its expiry date – tossed. Hadn’t used at all for the past summer of weddings – tossed. You get the point right?

So there you have it. My back-to-school-time-to-restock-the-kit-even-though-we-are-heading-into-offseason-wedding-time routine. I hope my kit stays this clean until next summer season when we get super-busy again and brides will take notice …



  • I love those Lysol wipes….I use that sh%t on everything (just like the Red Hot Sauce commercial)…As for the MAC fndn I’ve been wanting the Face & Body for so long & if you use it must be good. As for Back-to-School shopping, yeah know what you mean. Feels like a New Year, start everything fresh.

  • i’m in the process of cleaning and de-cluttering so i find posts like these very motivating. i need to get better at donating or tossing clothing and products i don’t use anymore.

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