January is probably my least favourite month. Between the cold weather, short days, and that hangover-ish feeling after the holidays it can be hard to get fired up about life day after day.

I asked our team of contributors what they turn to in their makeup bag to help fight the winter blahs, because there’s no denying the power of beauty to at least provide a boost in your mood every now and then. Mine is probably pretty obvious – a bright lipstick always does the trick, especially if it’s a spring shade!

– Morgan


Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Hand Cream is my go-to as my hands gets very dry during the winter months and this is a hand cream that works for me.

Pelle Beauty Stellar Facial Oil is a beauty pick me up that I use everyday. 2-4 drops of this does wonders in keeping my face moisturized throughout the day and it also does a great job of removing makeup.

Mikayla Beauty Luxury Lip Butter Balms are a staple in my purse, coat jacket, makeup bag and my night stand. This product keeps my lips hydrated and each of the four scents (The Original One, French Vanilla, Chocolate Peppermint, and Peaches & Dream) smell amazing.

Finally, nail polish is a beauty pick me up that make me very happy. When I see all the different brands coming out with new collections, I can’t wait to start shopping and painting my nails with the newest colours.”

Laura Amaya

“During the winter months what always gets me down is having bad skin! Its something I’ve struggled with year after year. I tend to get super dry to the point of itchiness, but then I met First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Vasanti’s Brighten Up! These two products have quickly become my holy grails and are what have made my winter days less drab. I exfoliate about 3 -4 times a week and I use the first aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream everyday. My skin has never looked better – I just use a little mascara paired with my great skin and out the door I go!”


“A fun nail polish is a nice pick me up in the winter.  This little gem is called teddy girl from butter london.  A lovely intro to spring, this bubblegum pink is a good little lift :)”