Every lady loves a a little pretty in her life. I’d been living in my home now for about 5 years … it’s just a little wartime home, bungalow style with a lot of character. Over the years, we’ve made some improvements to the common areas of the home (some paint here, some new floors there) but I finally had the opportunity to spruce up my personal space; well, in all honesty, it’s mine and my husband’s room but other than the colour blue … you’d have no idea I share the room with a man. (Don’t fault me – it’s a small room. We gave our two sons the master so they can have bunk beds …)

I forgot to take a pic of my vanity before I started to strip it, but I remembered just before it was completely naked :

There were actually some cute cards and accessories and what not all over the place but you can see what I was working with here  (although a very blurry pic – my bad).  I wanted to keep the same idea of how to utilize this old closet and found some pretty wallpaper to create this:

Some glitzy black on gold instantly made the space a little more … dark glam. Yes? Now, add back in my accessories, vintage trays, accessories, cake plates and tea cups, accessories and more accessories … and you get this :

With more room to hang and showcase more accessories in the future, I’m loving getting ready at my new vanity. It doesn’t stay very neat though :

Somehow my Kindle, my 3DS, and all my makeup pots and tools start to spread magically out of their cases and what not … but a lived in vanity is the best kind of vanity!

What does your vanity table look like?!