“My beauty routine is really simple.  I’ve always followed the advice from my mom who believes in simplicity, wears zero makeup but looks like she’s wearing makeup all the time!  There are many times she’s asked what color her lipstick is (because it’s the “perfect shade”) but she doesn’t own a tube of lipstick.

I only wear makeup when I go out because I prefer to let my skin “breathe”.  When I do wear makeup, I don’t wear a lot of it; I believe in letting my skin show and only accenting my features so I don’t use foundation but spot conceal instead.  My makeup routine is as follows (in order of application):

  • I always start with sunscreen because no one likes wrinkles!  I use Dermalogica Solar Defense Sunscreen SPF30.  It’s from their ultra sensitive line for sensitive skin.
    I have weird, brown-ish eye circles which I suspect is partially due to my hormones.
  • I NEED concealer to look normal otherwise I look like something that just crawled out of a crypt.  Every single concealer I’ve tried never worked – it was always too cakey, showed my wrinkles or never covered enough – until I stumbled upon Giorgio Armani cosmetics.  Who knew that not only does he make awesome clothes, but his makeup is amazing too!  I use his Master Corrector in “salmon” (to neutralize the darkness) and concealer in #3.5 (to brighten the area around my eyes).  Because this is a fluid, it’s great for dry skin (doesn’t settle in the lines) and never gets cakey.   This is THE best concealer that’s worked for me and I swear, this stuff is like liquid eraser!
  • I set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder — Laura Mercier Secret Brightening  Powder.  This product has a very slight shimmer to “brighten” the eye area.  I use a fluffy eyeshadow blender brush from Lancome. Trick: the best way to get a light dusting of powder on the brush is to tip the jar over (lid closed), then flip it right-side up, tap the lid a few times and then swipe the brush onto whatever powder is left sticking on the underside of the lid.  This reduces waste and gives you better control over how much powder you use.
  • Curl eye lashes – I use a tarte eyelash curler.
  • Eyeliner on upper lid.  I save liquid liners for evening/going out because I find that for me, liquid liner is too harsh for daytime.  I prefer a softer look during the day so I stick with pencils.  The best pencil liner that refuses to budge is NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner.  I usually wear a charcoal gray or if I feel fancy, a deep purple.
  • I apply a light dusting of translucent powder on my face to get rid of the shine.  I use an all-natural mineral powder by La Bella Donna in Honey.  This gives me a flawless look without looking “powdery”.  The brush I use is a big fluffy one by Cala (one of the best brushes i have and found it at winners for $6!)
  • Blush.  I tend to stick with powder blushes since I learned how to properly apply them.  I use an all-natural blush by La Bella Donna in Tangerine.  It’s the perfect shade of peach/pink and suits me better than NARS orgasm.  The brush I use is a blush brush also by Cala.
  • Trick:  sometimes if I’m looking a bit tired and I want to brighten my face, I swipe on some shimmer on my cheekbones/eye lids.  I stumbled upon this “trick” when I was getting ready to go out one day and found a Shimmer Brick (Bobbi Brown) that I forgot I had.  I swiped some on my lids and cheekbones just for fun and when I saw my friends, they were all “omg, you’re glowing!! you look amazing!” So I now do this when I want to look awesome but feel like garbage :D.  The shimmer brick I have is Bobbi Brown in Rose.  I use an angled brush because I found it works the best.

That’s it!!  From start to finish, it takes me about 5-8mins to put my makeup on.  I don’t really wear lipstick (just a lip oil) but if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use some light, sheer gloss like Korres Lip Butter in Quince or Pomegranate.”

– straight from Kathy’s mouth

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Kathy Chin is an IT consultant by day and a wannabe fashionista and skin expert by night.  She’s addicted to exercise, stella and dot jewelry and blogging, not to mention purses and boots.  In addition, she is married to the love of her life for 8 years and a mother to a beautiful and hilarious 4 year old girl named kayla.  The blogosphere is her second home and her blog is where she goes to escape and/or post random things about life, her obsessions and the funny thoughts running through her head.  She often uses colorful words so you’ve been warned.  Visit Kathy at her blog,  vodka and soda or follow her on Twitter!

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