musings from morgan : new mary kay at play

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of Mary Kay’s latest offerings from their Mary Kay at Play line of products. With many bold and bright eyeshadows, lip crayons, glosses and more, the products are definitely geared towards those who want to play around a bit with their usual makeup routines.

Two of my favourites I’ve been able to check out include the Bold Fluid Liners and the Triple Layer Tinted Balms.

As a liquid liner obsessed girl, finding these two gems in my hands had me happy dancing all the way home. The two shades I tried, Hello Violet and The Real Teal are bold, bright and so complementary with my eye colour. The applicator is short and stiff, making it easy to control your lines and create the exact shape you’re going for. I drew my classic winged liner and loved the results!

They retail for $12.00 CAD and are available online.

The second product, the Triple Layer Tinted Balms, bring back memories of elementary school because they are the grown-up version of Lip Smacker balms (remember them?). Not only do they taste great, but they’re hydrating, offer just a touch of colour, and add a bit of shine if you’re looking to add a subtle pop to your lips.

Top – Atomic Red
Bottom – Orange You Lovely

These also retail for $12.00 CAD each and are a great addition to any purse, desk or makeup bag!

Have you tried any of the new Mary Kay at Play products? What do you think of the line?

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spotlight on : regina sterling

Name: Regina Sterling

My role with BP: Blog Contributor

How I got into working with BP: I heard about Steph and BP through Elaine [Atkins] (who I’ve known for a few years now through Avon and being an avid reader of her blog Toronto Beauty Reviews). I would read about Elaine’s positive experiences from attending numerous BlushPretty: The Beauty Board events, reading BP’s blog, Instagram and Twitter feeds. When I won the CLEAR: Scalp and Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on the blog, I decided to attend the 2013 BlushPretty: The Beauty Board event and officially met Steph. She contacted me on Facebook on New Year’s Eve 2013 and asked me to be a blog contributor and I said yes!

The best part of my job: Besides trying out new products and writing about them, I’ve been able to meet quite a few of the ladies on BlushPretty Team. All of them have been very nice and welcoming. I’ve also been able to attend events at the studio and outside the to learn about new products.

My secret beauty weapon: Broadway Nails: imPRESS manicure Press-On Nails.  When I don’t have the time to paint my nails these are my go-to’s. They are very easy to apply, durable and will last for up to 7 days.

My must share beauty tip: Ask questions and opinions on beauty and skincare products that you are new to using or want to try out. Go to the people who know about the products and has the patience to answer all of your questions.

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things we love : different levels of makeup

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw our very own Arianne (a.k.a the Glitter Geek) share a really interesting article titled “How Men on Tinder Reacted to Three Different Levels of Makeup.” A beauty social experiment, you say? You have my attention.

I’ll leave you to check out the article for the interesting results, but it got me thinking about how my makeup affects how others look at me. Vain as it sounds, Brinton’s experiment obviously proved that as much as we’d like to think everyone has good intentions, appearance plays a role in how we interact with one another.

Have you had a similar experience to what the author found in her Tinder experiment, either in dating or even just in regular situations like work or social settings? Do you find your makeup can have that big an impact on how others approach you online or in person?

- morgan

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in the lightbox : one of bp’s very own …

Photo by Lavish and Light Photography
Makeup+Hair : Stephanie D., Naomi M., and Samantha W.

We wish our very own Giselle, makeup artist, a lifetime of love and happiness.




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wow : we love top ten lists …

Whenever I’m skimming along my Zite account, or scanning the magazine racks, those “Top Ten …” (or five, fifteen, twenty … whatever) headlines always catch my eye. Always. So imagine my surprise when our blog editor, Morgan C., tweeted this link from BlogTO …

What a great honour to be amongst other salons and artistry teams in Toronto in their article for the best places to get your makeup done in Toronto. I was floored. And flabbergasted. And freaking excited …

This really made my week when I found out about this and I’m thankful to be able to share it with you. I also want to thank the entire BlushPretty team whose hard work and dedication to our bridal and private client clientele helped me grow bp to the amazing collective we have now.

Thanks Blog TO for the mention! Made my week, my weekend, my year!


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