scene+heard : exuding confidence with Excel+Stacy London

Let’s talk about confidence. Regardless if we are wearing our favourite lipstick, or if our bangs are co-operating, or if we know we lost 5 pounds and it shows, emanating an aura of being a confident, strong being can be kind of hard sometimes … or maybe all the time. There are very very few of us who wake up and walk out the door each day feeling confident from start to finish. If you feel me, raise your hand!

Well, I have news for you … actually Stacy London does. :) There are plenty of ways you can up the confidence factor in your everyday life … plenty. For example:

1. Be prepared and plan ahead. Preparation is key. Your purse, your tote, your backpack : make it your confidence kit. Depending on your lifestyle or your schedule for the day, you need to pack the essentials to get you through it all. This would include: your phone, charged and ready; a makeup kit stocked with travel size or minis of you favourite products; snacks to keep you going; a notebook to write down the important stuff.

2. Highlight what works. Instead of spending to much time focusing on what you don’t like, highlight the features and parts of your body that you love. Do you have a plump pout? Wear bright lipstick! Have super sculpted arms? Go sleeveless! Legs longer than a mile? Hike up the hem a bit!

3. Fresh breath! Nothing feels better than knowing that the creamy caesar salad you had for lunch isn’t offending others when you speak. Always carry a pack of gum, like Excel in your purse or pocket when you need a quick boost of confidence.

These were just a few of the tips Ms. London shared with the group and believe me, when she tells you to do something, you want to do it! I’ve already put most of her tips into practice!

I was very fortunate to be in the room, sharing the same breathing space, with Stacy London that day. To be able to learn from one of the top style gurus the very many ways I could put my best face forward was such a treat! A big thank you to Excel for the invite!


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scene+heard : saint cosmetics

I recently checked out the launch party for Saint Cosmetics at Andrew Richards Design in downtown Toronto. In case you haven’t heard of them, Saint Cosmetics is a brand new natural cosmetics line that has been in the making over the last two years and developed by the Marydel Group. The line consists of 144 products for the lips, eyes and face.

What makes the line unique is its ingredients are totally natural – products are produced from the best natural component of plants that don’t result in skin irritation unlike other chemical based cosmetics.

Upon entering Andrew Richards Design Studio, guests were greeted with a walk on the Red Carpet with pictures being taken. (pictures from the event can be found on Facebook). Cocktails and food were created by Toronto’s own Chef Toben Kochman.  There were also one-on-one makeup applications done by professional makeup artists.

What impressed me while I was there was the belief in giving back to the community.  2% of all of Saint Cosmetics sales are donated to Interval House, Canada’s first safe haven for abused women and children. I also like that this cosmetics line is Made In Canada – a great bonus. If you’re looking for a new brand offering natural, organic products make sure you check them out!

The Saint Cosmetics line can be purchased on their website:


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oh, you know, NBD : allison micheletti+michael modano

On November 17, 2014, this year’s inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame … (you know hockey right? Canada’s favourite pastime?) … were officially inducted. Now I’ll admit, I don’t play hockey and don’t follow it all that closely – but I do know athletes – AND I also know that hockey is a larger than life sport here in the north … so imagine my surprise when the BlushPretty team was asked to provide makeup and hair services for professional golfer
Allison Micheletti, the wife of NHL great Michael Modano.

Needless to say – we’re were pretty chuffed. Both the Modano and Micheletti families were welcoming and kind as we spent an afternoon with them beautifying
the ladies of both families before the big ceremony.

While we try to remain calm and poised through any situation, we did have to take a minute, get puck-struck, and ask for a photo.  We owe it all to Samantha
who had the ovaries to speak up and ask!

Thank you so much to that Modano and Micheletti families for welcoming us into your circle for the afternoon and congratulations to Michael Modano on a
well-deserved election into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Well … we hope your week is going just as great as ours started!


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loved by laura : air optix colors

On Thursday November 6 I had the privilege of attending Alcon’s Air Optix Colors event with their guest makeup artist Grace Lee, where they were launching their new line of coloured lenses.

When I arrived at the event I was kindly greeted by the hostess and quickly directed to an optometrist for my contact lens fitting, where I was able to test out coloured lenses of my liking.  There were 9 colours of lenses to try on including blue, brilliant blue, gray, sterling gray, gemstone green, green, pure hazel, honey and brown.

I opted for the gray and gemstone green. The whole night I sported a David Bowie/Mila Kunis style of two different coloured eyes. They really changed my regular look and created a sense of mystery and intrigue. I felt original and very exotic every time I looked into the mirror or saw my reflection.

For the most part they were very comfortable and safe. The contact lenses have been engineered and created with a unique 3 in 1 color technology that enhances your eye color for a very natural and beautiful look. I was amazed at how vibrant the contact lenses made your eyes look as well as the vivid glow it gives your face. They were very natural looking to the point that I did not realize everyone had the contacts on too.

As a bonus treat, I had my makeup done by a makeup artist under the direction of Grace Lee, the lead makeup artist for Maybelline New York Canada. Grace was an absolute sweetheart and she rocked her leather pants like no other that evening!

A palette that the makeup artist used on me was the Maybelline “The Nudes” palette. It has all the nudes that you would need for any natural look. I can see this palette as a staple for any individual, especially for any traveller. It contains a black shadow for lining your eyes, multiple shades of brown to fill in your eye brows and an array of light to dark as well as shimmering beige and brown shades to fulfill your eye shadow look. It comes in a sleek compact case and is ready to slip into any purse or bag.

It was a great evening – I truly felt glamourous sporting a different eye colour!  This will be a line of contact lenses I will definitely consider when I am in the market for new ones.

The Air Optix colors contact lenses can be ordered through an optometrist. They usually range from $79.95 and up for 6 lenses.

-laura p-

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P.I.Y: prettify it yourself : dry shampoo

I’ve come across many whom either a) don’t know what dry shampoo is or b) know what it is but don’t know how to use it and therefore avoid it. And I think that’s a shame because in a world where hair can easily go from healthy and shiny to over processed, over coloured, and over done, washing it daily just because you think you have to can end up doing more harm than good. Once you find a dry shampoo that’s right for you and learn how to use it properly, better hair days will follow.

One of my current favourite dry shampoos: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak!

What :
Dry shampoo is as exactly as it sounds : a shampoo that can be used for the hair WITHOUT the addition of water. It comes in two formulations, powder or aerosol.

Why :
Hair isn’t meant to be washed and stripped clean daily. It needs your scalp’s natural oil to protect and nourish the hair from root to tip. People who shampoo everyday might notice that their ends are dry or their hair splits easily and that’s because the hair never has a chance to be coated in it’s natural oil. Allowing oil to build and brushing it down the shaft of the hair keeps hair healthy. Dry shampoo helps to lightly clean and boost the hair on non-wash days while maintaining balance.

It’s recommended that hair be washed with shampoo and conditioner approximately 2-3 time a week. Using dry shampoo in between washes allows you to freshen up the hair and absorb any excess oil accumulated at the root. It is also great for post-workout and post-beach pick-me ups!

Dry shampoo should be used sparingly. It’s really easy to overdo it. The trick is to apply to the root. You want to aim towards the scalp, not the entire shaft of the hair.

Depending on the formulation you use, dry shampoo can be applied in two ways. Powder formulations are best for fuller, thicker hair. I like to shake a bit of the product into my hands and then massage into the scalp and root area. Then I take a brush and brush the product down the hair shaft to distribute through the hair.  For thinner or finer hair, I prefer aerosol.  It’s lightweight which is perfect for those whose hair falls limp all on its own. When working with aerosols, lift one inch sections up and spray to the root keeping the can about 6-8 inches away. Spray to close and you risk product overload. Again, brush through the hair to distribute the product.

Now you know! time to P.I.Y!


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