I once read some where that Lauren Conrad’s preference for just a winged line over her lashes is due to her distaste for eyeshadow and how it looks over her lids. I have to say, I know what she is talking about … except that I would only make this statement when it comes to powder based shadows. While I love using powdered shadows on my clientele for it’s layering, versatility and hold, for me personally I think eyeshadow looks much softer when I use cream shadows. When creating my own makeup look for the day, I’ll reach for a cream based product before powder. And that is where NARS comes in. Their cream shadow collection has 17 colours in the range, with all the basic colours I need to create a tailor made eye for me. Easy to blend and easy to use, I can apply with my fingers and be out the door in no time.

Check out: Mousson (a silver green), Savage (a classic bronze) or Zardoz (matte black for ultimate smudge).