Was my post from July 1, 2013 ironic …? A slip that me announcing to blog more would never come to fruition this month?

I actually wrote that declaration the Friday before – June 28th, 2013. I was gung ho, ready to start a fresh month and had a renewed plan to stay on top of the blog as much as I do the makeup and hair side of things. I remember writing that post, and preparing the following post afterwards, scheduling them, and feeling accomplished. I was looking forward to taking the weekend to write more posts for the week and get ahead of the game. Sunday and Monday were open days and unbooked for me to write, edit, photoshop and post. And then my husband and I got a call Saturday evening that changed everything.

On June 29, 2013, I lost my brother (in-law) Jean-Marc Daga.

Many of you whom visit here, also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You’ve probably seen the photos, the tributes, the random status updates sharing mine and my family’s grief. You probably also know that my business from time to time is supported by my six brothers (biological and in-law) : Ron, Jason, Jean Marc, Neil, Gabriel, and Justin. They do my accounting, cater and serve at my events, design and assist with blog photos and banners, and do video work for me. My brothers (and my husband) are just as much BlushPretty as me and the girls. Losing any of them is not okay with me.

Some may wonder why I take to heart the safety and concern of my brothers-in-law as if they are my own. It is because they are my own. I have known these boys since their high school years. I know their faces in detail. I know their lifestyles. I know their friends. I know their strengths. I know their weaknesses. I know just as many memories about my in-laws lives as I do my own two biological brothers. My brothers are my children’s favourite six uncles. They are my favourite six brothers. I would do anything for them, as them for me.

Losing Jean Marc has been a whirlwind … and I am pretty sure I still haven’t had my moment of grief yet. You know, the one where it really hits you what has happened and what has changed and you breakdown. I’m waiting for it to come and I welcome it. I will continue to wait.

In the past two weeks since it happened, I have reunited with many of Jean Marc’s friends, met ones that he spoke highly of, and learned who he truly was in a community of people who ADORED him. I am so proud to have called him a brother (never a “brother-in-law”).

Jean Marc was a community leader, a youth mentor, a rapper, an artist, a writer, an activist. He was also the boy who let me braid his hair. Who would drop by just to visit the boys. Who would call me when I was at the studio and ask if I needed a drive home. Who came with me to the tattoo parlor in Hawaii just to make sure the conditions were right. Who always ate all the food so I wouldn’t have leftovers. Who would tell me that my subpar cooking was great.

I miss him.

I wanted to take this post to thank once more my BlushPretty team, Flirt Custom Lash Studio, my circle of friends, my business colleagues, the vendors and brands that work with me, and my clients (who put aside their own needs of importance to accommodate mine) to make the past two weeks easier for me, bearable, and to give me my time to take care of Jean Marc and my family. Your kinds words and support and overall love gave me the strength to do what I needed to …THANK YOU.

So now, we begin to heal … RIP Jean Marc.