Summer brings heat and humidity, and heat and humidity bring makeup woes. Waterproof formulas tend to become an essential part of the routine for some of us to avoid anything melting off our faces, and quality ones can be hard to come by.

cargo swimmables 1

Cargo Cosmetics has us covered in the lip liner department. The Swimmables Lip Liners are a girl’s best friend for the beach, the pool or any generally hot days and come in four shades that can work with a range of lipsticks.

I had the chance to try one in Canaria, a brownish/pinkish nude that I decided to wear as a complete lip pencil – it gave me a 90s vibe that’s completely on trend right now and I couldn’t resist wearing it all over.

cargo swimmables 2

I glides on smoothly and the pigmentation is fantastic. It’s a matte-finish product, and really sticks to the lips – there’s no question it can handle a dip in the pool or even the muggiest of summer days. It’s probably best to use as a lip liner, as the formula is a bit drying and does tend to accentuate the fine lines in your lips if you choose to wear it all over like I did. Any dryness becomes that much more obvious. As promised, it doesn’t feather or bleed making it a great product to wear under a typical lipstick.

You can grab this pencil for $19.00 at Murale, London Drugs (though it’s $20 with them) in Canada!

Disclosure: Press samples featured.