musings from morgan : between blushes …

October 7, 2013By stephanie

Blush is a tricky thing. There are powder blushes, cream blushes, cheek stains, stick blushesI even know people who use lipstick on their cheeks! Between finding what’s right for your skin, the right tone and when to wear what colour, it can be a challenge finding what works – but let’s be honest, experimenting is the best part.

I gave two new blushes a shot this week. The first was a COVERGIRL powder blush, the Clean Glow Blush in Roses 100. It’s described as a lightweight,blendable 3-in-1 product, and it’s part of their Clean collection designed for sensitive skin, which includes liquid, whipped and powder foundations, bronzers and blushes.

I immediately loved the warm, soft tone of this colour– I prefer blush to be subtle and natural looking, and found this shade was just that. I liked the option of three shades in one, but once I swatched each individual colour could see it was ultimately going to be best worn all in one.

Left to right: Darkest shade, Middle shade, lightestshade, All in one

I didn’t find the powder too powdery, and quite liked the texture. As I said, it’s a very natural looking shade on lighter skin tones like mine and went on light, so I did need to build a little for a noticeable flush.

Overall I liked the product. It was a soft, light and natural shade and definitely will make for an excellent everyday blush.

I then tried Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting – a soft cream blush packing lots of pigment that blends very well. Don’t be put off by the smallpackaging, as a little goes a long way with this product!

This shade is very pink, but gives a great pinched/rosy cheek look that works well when you want to make your cheeks pop! I was nervous by just how bright the product looked in the packaging, but once on it blends really well, almost like a powder, therefore ensuring it’s not too overpowering.

Its best applied using your fingertips, just be careful not to push too hard on the product – again, a little goes a long way, and it’s much easier to put on too little then build than to take too much and have to get creative with your blending!

I actually loved how this looked on my cheeks – it was just the right amount of pink and would go well with a simple cat eye for a pretty, girly look. I could see myself wearing it out for drinks with my girlfriends or out to date night, or whenever I need a girly pick-me-up! I love how it looks with my blue eyes. I definitely want to try this product in something a little warmer, like the Peach Satin shade.

I find both products have a place in a beauty regimen, depending on the time & place. The COVERGIRL blush will serve me as a useful everyday colour, and I’ll be sure to bust out the bouncy blush when I’m looking to perk myself up. 

Morgan Cadenhead is a self-professed beauty junkie living & working in Toronto. By day, she’s a PR pro who loves all things writing & media, but by night she’s often catching up on her favourite fashion & beauty blogs or hitting up the gym. Her makeup obsession stems from the realization that makeup is a powerful and (most importantly) fun tool – it can make the difference in how you carry yourself, set the tone for a good day and above all, make anyone feel gorgeous! Follow her on Twitter @morgancadenhead or drop her a line at

stuff from (l’il) steph : caryl baker notorious beauty

September 10, 2013By stephanie

The Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Collection is… FIERCE! What does Notorious Beauty mean? “guaranteed to give people something to talk about…Sometimes, it’s OK to have a reputation. We all want to be fun, flirty and mysterious; the kind of girl who makes an impression and gets people whispering (for the right reasons!)”

 From Top to Bottom: Blush in Dial M for “Makeup ($22.50), Lip Gloss in Corruption ($17.50), Lip Pencil in Desire ($18.00), Eyeshadow trio in Smoldering, Sabotage, and Silhouette ($18.00).

The Eyeshadow trio was a little hit and miss for me. Silhouette (a matte light grey) was a slightly chalky and hard to pick up on a brush and thus, hard to work with. Sabotage (a deep cool brown) was the most buttery of the three and also the most pigmented but had a lot of fallout. Smoldering (a warmer and deeper brown with shimmer) was not quite as smooth but equally pigmented as Sabotage. Each shadow was a little different in terms of formulation, but the colours work well together to create a neutral smoky eye.

The Lip Pencil in Desire is a deep raspberry. The texture of the product is a little on the hard side, but the bold pigmentation makes up for any sort of textural downsides. The Lip Gloss in Corruption is nowhere near as deep dark burgundy in the tube, however it still works well with the lip pencil and smells exactly like a MAC lipglass – a sweet vanilla flavouring. Applying Corruption over the liner, gives the lips a little added shimmer and dimension for a fuller lip.

The Blush in Dial M for “Makeup” is the underdog in this group of products. In the pan, it looks kind of plain, but the matte rose is a kind of “Blonzer” – an odd blush and bronzer hybrid that works perfectly as both a blush and a bronzer colour. I found this blonzer to be extremely long wearing, plus the versatile colour is great for everyday use and very work appropriate because of its subtlety.

All the products in the Siren range work cohesively to create a sultry yet elegant look that’s perfect for the fall season. I think this sort of combo of products makes me look like I mean business. In a nutshell, I love it! The Caryl Baker Notorious Beauty Collection is notoriously beautiful. 

Stephanie Lau is the creator and writer of FUN SIZE BEAUTY, a blog encompassing beauty reviews, handmade accessories, and the occasional food post. Upon discovering a fuchsia lipstick in her mom’s stash at age 12, she fell in love with all things beauty. She started her blog in November 2012 as a creative outlet to share her thoughts on beauty products and escape from the stress of school.  Aside from blogging and beauty, Stephanie enjoys all things travel, photography, DIY, small business, and sample hoarding.  An undergrad Accounting student at the University of Waterloo and an avid multi-tasker, on rainy days you can find her studying the Income Tax Act, watching food network, recreating makeup looks from magazines, and sipping on tea.

beauty kit: brows and blush

April 11, 2013By stephanie

My go to trick for looking like a naturally pretty kinda gal is too focus on my brows and blush. I personally think you an get away with a lot just by filling in the brows and adding a bit of sheer glow to the cheeks. No need for the extras: shadow, lipstick, liner! (On the flipside: properly done brows and blush complete all looks: statment lip, smokey eyes, bronzy glow).

Filling in your brows doesn’t require much: a brow powder or pencil is all you need and a spoolie or brow brush to blend it all together. Fill in sparse areas with light upward strokes and if needed, extend the tail a bit by using a sharp point of a pencil or the tapered end of a slanted eyeliner brush with some powder. Comb through to soften your application and blend your product strokes with your natural hairs.

You should know me by now – I favour cream blush for the most natural look but I am also keen on sheer, satin or matte finish blushes. I avoid using blushes with heavy shimmer unless its a major event for the sheer fact that nobody glows shimmer! If I want an ethereal glow, I will add a drop of a pearlescent or gold toned liquid highlighter to a cream blush and that’s it. I apply the mix to the upper area of the cheeks,and then if I need some intensity, I’ll dust on a hint of a complimentary powder blush.

These two things on any morning leaves me feeling polished and ready for the day. I will swipe on some clear gloss or balm and head out the door.

Products from top left: Becca Beach Tint; NARS Cream Blush; Laura Mercier Brow Definer; EcoTools Slanted Eyeliner Brush; smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand; MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil.


hello monday, I might learn to love you …

January 14, 2013By stephanie

Mondays do not have to be manic. I repeat they DO NOT have to be manic. A good start on a fresh Monday can mean an easier week all around. Perhaps picking up a few of these items can help?

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stains, $12.99 CDN: Try Eternally Nude, Pink Resistance or Lilac Ever After …

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, $29 CDN: Try Fresh Melon or Powder Pink …

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses, $8.99 CDN: Try Mint Mojito, Grapevine, or Forever Frosted …

Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner, $22 CDN: Try Peacock (our fave) or Indigo Ink …

Stella+dot Gilded Arrow Bangle, $42 CDN: Try this piece or the Eden Bangle, perfect for stacking with all your other candy …

Eccolo Birds on a Wire Journal, $14 CDN: A beautiful blue or if green is more your thing, check out their Bird on a Branch journal …