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food for thought : beauty advice

Beauty advice comes at us from every direction. From our mothers, sisters, magazines and even blogs like this one, we’re constantly on the receiving end of beauty “dos and don’ts” that are supposed to make us better looking or healthier. While it can be tough to cut through the noise, we’ve tried and tested many pieces of advice here at bp and have decided to share the top bits of knowledge that have proven to help rather than hinder our efforts.

Image By Praisaeng


“When I first started experimenting with makeup as a teenager, the best beauty advice that I received was to always remove my makeup before going to bed to avoid getting acne and not having to see my “night before face” on my pillow case the next morning. This was not always the easiest task when I would come home from a late night at work or from a night out, but I would force myself to remove my makeup and do my nightly routine of makeup removal, cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face before I went to bed.

Years later, my routine of removing my makeup before going bed remains the same. When I look at my face as an adult, I feel my skin looks pretty much the same with the exception of fine lines starting to creep in.”


“While my number one piece is the same as Regina’s – to remove every trace of makeup before bed – I have a close second to share. Give yourself one day a week to ‘detox’ from your day-to-day products. On Sundays, I do a few things – I skip makeup entirely if I know I’m not leaving the house or going anywhere special (which I often try to make sure is the case), I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo only (Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo) and if I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll use my Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask to take care of my rampant blackheads. Giving both my skin and hair a chance to breathe and recover from the build up of products has made a huge difference, particularly when it comes to my skin.”

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it’s okay …

 Photo by Jonathan Ponce circa 2007
Makeup+Hair by Stephanie Daga 

My bff, @hello_leesh, used to do a segment on her old blog titled “It’s okay …” where she would chronicle her guilty pleasures and forgiveable faults. She would say things like : “It’s okay … too like a boy band even though you are old enough to like men and not boys.”  {she didn’t ever write the above exact sentence … but she does appreciate a good boy band}

When it comes to makeup and hair, I think there are plenty of things that are “okay” even though others may deem it as taboo. So, borrowing from my beautiful bff, here is my beauty “it’s okay …” list :

It’s Okay …

… to sleep in your makeup now and then,
but tell everyone that you ALWAYS wash your face before bedtime.

… to not wash your hair after a day at the beach
so you can have awesome “beach hair” for work the following day.

… to like your eyeliner the day after a night of clubbing.

… to let people believe your lashes are real when really, their extensions
(it’s not your fault that your lash stylist is just THAT good …).

… to tell people that you are a “hat person” when really,
you’re masking a really long growing out process.

… to call your faded colour and noticeable roots “ombre”.

… to still wear Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker as your lip color for a special event.

… to not know how to use the Shu Uemura Lash Curler
or to not know how to pronounce Shu Uemura.

… to own 50 lipsticks, but wear only 3 religiously
(a red, a bright, and a nude …)

… to cut your bangs, and then start growing them out the week after.

How many on this list are you happily guilty of?


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quick beauty: a little bit of e.v.o.o

With such a huge focus on going green with your beauty routine, it isn’t hard to make the correlation between food and skin. You’ve heard it before: you are what you eat! It should be no surprise that a healthy diet can lead to a better overall appearance (inside and out!). And that goes for using everyday items and topical treatments for the skin as well. So here’s a tip: look around your pantry and kitchen for home skincare remedies and recipes. My favourite: a little bit of olive oil to solve everything … okay, not everything … but it sure can help with dry patches. Use it to soften cuticles, sooth irritation from eczema patches, or to moisturize and hydrate flaky dry skin around the eyes, chin and mouth. A little bit goes a long way …

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