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get inspired : emma stone waves

Remember that year when it was all “short hair, don’t care”? A year of pixies, undercuts and fringe were all the rage, and rightly so because the look was hot. And while pixies and undercuts are still great cuts, some people have opted to start growing out their hair into bobs, and their slightly longer cousin – the lob.

But with any grow-out, come wedding season, we are often told “I’ve been growing out my hair, and it’s just a bit longer than a bob …and I really don’t know what I can do with it. Maybe we should just blow it out and I’ll wear it straight”.

Wearing your hair as is can be an option – nothing will translate as more you than a slightly more polished version of how you regularly wear your hair. You’l look great! However, if you are looking for another option, I think that the textured and wavy lob adds a bit of flare to your “not long enough yet” strands!

tousledLeft : Emma Stone
Right : waves done by Stephanie Daga, BlushPretty

I think the poster child for the ultimate wavy lob or bob is the always stylish (and charming) Emma Stone. She’s known to wear her short hair many ways from middle part to deep side part, straight to curly, bangs to no bangs. She knows her options! But I find her go to look is always a bit of piecey twistedness.

I have plenty of clients scheduled in this year with lobs. Some are brides, some are maids of honour, some are the chicest of mothers! Plenty are shooing away the standard blowout and flip for a sexier bedhead style.

To create this look for my clients I prefer to use a 1 inch curling iron and very few products. The list looks something like this:

– Hot Tools 1-inch barrel curling iron
– Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak
– Sall Hershberger Supreme Lift Root Spray
– Sally Hershberger Glam Waves Texture Spray
– Elnett Hair Spray
– Bumble+Bumble Styling Creme
– Bumble+Bumble Texture (un)Dressing Creme

For prep, I always start with a bit of dry shampoo brushed through the hair. My pick is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak, and I find it adds a bit of lift and texture, especially for finer hair types. It soaks up the right amount of excess oil, but doesn’t leave a film or dusty layer of product.

As I section through the bottom layers of hair, I’ll spray Sally Hershberger’s Supreme Lift Root Spray before wrapping small sections  around the barrel  of my iron. I never use the clamp and wrap the sections with the barrel pointed downward. I also leave the ends free a bit for a more undone look.  I’ll repeat this sectioning and wrapping from the nape of the neck to the crown, alternating the direction I wrap the the hair with each section.

For the layers from the crown and up, I do repeat the process, but instead use Sally Hershberger’s Glam Waves instead of root spray. This is just personal preference as I find it gives a shiny but not weighted appearance to the top layers.

Once I’m done wrapping the hair and styling the front according to the client’s wishes (some want fringe, some don’t; some want it up off the face, others flat!), I’ll either finesse and finish with some Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme or Texture (un)Dressing Creme.  While both are made to be applied to the hair while damp, I actually will rub a bit through my fingers or palms and then either smooth the hair (Styling Creme) for a bit of shine or break up the waves and “fluff” a bit more (Texture Creme) for a more undone appearance.

Everything gets finished with some Elnett. Every-THANG!

So that’s how we do the ‘do! If you want to see it up close and personal – have you RSVP’d for our Bridal Beauty Preview this Sunday, January 31, 2016 yet?  If not, there is still time with a couple of spots left! Save your spot by heading over to our Eventbrite page!

Have a great week!


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get inspired : dude, how’s my updo?

bridal25How do you prefer your updo?
Sleek and clean?
Braided and boho?



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get inspired : the bold lip …

For some reason, brides who wish to play up their lips believe that bold means red. And while everyone on the BP team loves a good knock ’em dead red, a bridal bold lip doesn’t always have to match a red carpet.


But bold doesn’t stop at red. It doesn’t. We have plenty of brides who pair their wedding whites with eye-catching shades of fuchsia, pink, and coral.

The same makeup rules apply as with wearing red : define all you other features in natural, enhancing shades.  I often pair a bold lip with eyes shaded in champagnes, soft golds, taupes and browns; and much like the hollywood glam style, I’ll do a winged liquid line in black and plenty of false lashes. This plays up the eyes without having them compete with your lips. For blush, I tend to keep it simple in soft sheer shades of peach and pink with little to no shimmer.

A few friendly reminders about wearing a bold lip shade :

  • when choosing a bold shade, aim for matte or creme shades over frost or glossy. Glossy or vinyl finishes tend to look messy and a little tool slick on film;
  • a liner helps but I prefer using a neutral or clear liner to prime, fill in lines, and draw in your shape, this way if the bold lipstick fades a bit before you get a chance to touch-up, you don’t end up with a garish lip line;
  • highlight your cupids bow! it makes the colour pop just THAT much more; and
  • upkeep is everything – be sure to pack a lip brush, some q-tips, and of course your chosen shade!

Happy Wedding!


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get inspired : crown braids …

Braids are officially everywhere and the team and I have seen it all. French braids, dutch braids, fishtail braids, micro braids …

But, my favourite braid is officially the crown braid. Whether you circle it all the way around, or have two braids start from the top and meet at the bottom, crown braids don’t have to read as “cute”. They can be fashionable and bohemian when roughed up a little, regal and sophisticated when smoothed over and tucked neat.


For this particular crown braid, the bride had mid-length hair that was fine and tapered towards the ends. I started by parting her hair deep on one side and dutch braiding both sides right at the top and towards the bottom middle of the back of her head and then braiding all the way to the tip. The heavier braid tail circled back up towards the front on top and the lighter braid trailed across the bottom.  The end goal was to have the tails tuck in on the opposite side at the top of the head.

Unfortunately, hair that tapers on the ends don’t make for prominent braided tails, so I used hair filler to create thick fat braids right to the tip of the tail. This is key for having a strong noticeable braid.

To add weight and thickness, I used Hairintensity Extensions and cut them into 2-inch strips.  I didn’t use or sew on any wig clips. I cut about 12 2-inch sections, and kept them close to me as I braided. I started the dutch braid, and as I started to create my second plait and brought in a new section of the bride’s own hair to add to the braid, I also tucked in an extension underneath that; I continued the weave and repeated it, adding filler hair each time. Repeat for the other side.

Adding in the filler hair created full tails and made for a prominent, stand out, double crown on both sides. I simply pinned the tails over one another securing it every plait or two, and then tucked the ends in at the top. Then I inspected for any telltale tracks and hid those either under the braids. To add some size, I tugged on the plaits of the braids also.

This bride wanted a rougher appearance to her crown braid, so we  didn’t completely smooth her hair, except for where tracks of the extension pieces could be seen. During my process, I adding dry shampoo to the hair, and then curled.  I teased round the front and the crown of the head for volume and texture, and then went right into my braiding process. I sprayed it all down for hold.

If you prefer a cleaner smoother appearance, you can add some smoothing creme to the hair before braiding and keep your braid tight.  Finish with hairspray and shine spray.

Something to try and it’s great for keeping the hair off the face and neck!


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get inspired : effortless buns …


One of my favourite looks from WeddingBonanza15 of brides is this beautiful textured bun I did for a beautiful bride early in the summer. The bride and I met for a few trial runs to consider different options, but she was really feeling this effortless twisted bun look which in the end, complimented her wedding dress perfectly.

I will say, that this bride had the perfect hair for such a look : a longer length that wasn’t too thick or too thin, and deep rich colour with subtle natural highlights. It responded to curling well, and didn’t have too many layers.

To complete this look, I spritzed through some dry shampoo, curled and then wrapped her hair around large velcro rollers for the morning to induce a slight wave, volume and lift while I completed the rest of her bridal party’s hair.  When I returned to her, I released the rollers, and teased the hair around the front and crown at the root.

I then started taking sections and twisting them while bringing them back to meet in a ponytail.  I repeated this step all around and then secured the ponytail with an elastic. I then twisted the tail to form a bun and secured with bobby pins.  Then I lightly pulled and and the bun and the hairline to soften and loosen up the look.

A soft spray of extra hold hairspray to keep everything in place, but not make it look crunchy or stiff.

I think this is the perfect ‘do for the effortless bride. It looks great with dressed that have a simple bodice, but a beautiful flowing skirt.


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