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try it : rock ‘n’ roll eyes a.k.a. smudged eyeliner …

You can waste hours perfecting smokey shadow, but an edgy “let’s rock” kind of eye can take just a few products and a cotton swab. A girl can look just as alluring and just as glam with unkept eyeliner!

KarlieWhen I wear this type of rock ‘n’ roll look a la Karlie Kloss above, I like to make sure the complexion is perfection. I’ll take a bit more time concealing and brightening around the eyes, and be super mindful of oil and shine control. I prefer a matte (but not super matte) face when the eyes are this defined. With blush – I’ll keep it in shades of sheer peach, maybe with a hint of shimmer so I do not look like complete death. (One may opt to go a bit bronze). Lips are a sheer gloss in a soft shade, nothing too bright, bold or statement making.

To get the eyes lined right, start with the following products :

  • a kohl liner in your shade of choice but I prefer deep brown, graphite or black (of course!);
  • a sheer eyeshadow in nude, bone, or champagne;
  • a mascara; and
  • a cotton swab, or pencil eyeshadow brush.

First, I’ll sweep the eyeshadow over the entire lid and work my way up to the brow bone. Create a nice even layer of shadow which will serve as a nice backdrop to your eyeliner.

Next, I line the eyes once around … keep the line thin to begin within, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – you’re smudging it after all. Taking your swab or pencil brush, gently diffuse the line stroking back and forth and upward. Repeat once more if you want a bit of a thicker appearance.

Once you’ve lined the upper and lower lids, press your eye kohl (or pencil) into the lashes and your lash line from underneath. If you are comfortable filling in the waterline, you can do so and this will give a more badass appearance like Karlie’s. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be an ass-kicker if you press and smudge colour into the lashes from underneath but the overall appearance is just a hint softer.

Once you’ve hit your desired smudge limit, I like to take my pencil brush dipped in your neutral eyeshadow and softly diffuse the ends and tops of the smudged eyeliner. If you want a hint more drama, you can do this step with a sheer shade of eyeshadow in the same colour as your eyeliner.

To finish, swipe on layers of mascara, and groom the brows.

Try it!



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october 2015 : wine lips and big jewels …

Happy October 1, 2015 everyone …

September came and went, and we are starting to feel autumn weather. For me personally, I find that as seasons change, so does to my personal theme song that plays in my head daily. And with a new theme song … comes theme for a new look.

For Fall 2015, everything I do will revolve around wine lips and big jewels.  Think NARS Audacious lipsticks in deeps reds and burgundies and large gemstone rings worn in pairs, triplets, or quadruplets.

I like the idea of deeper lips in fall against glowing almost bare skin. It’s fresh and modern and always looks appropriate day or night. I currently have NARS Audacious lipsticks in Liv and Ingrid … and I have to re-purchase Bette as BlushPretty Junior got into my brand new Bette about three weeks ago and gave herself (and our new carpet) a makeover. I also picked up Glastonbury by Charlotte Tilbury … and who doesn’t love Bruised Plum by Tom Ford?

I’m pairing my deep lips with some Touche Eclat by YSL, sometimes some Peach corrector by Bobbi Brown. And groomed brows … wine lips, strong brows!
When it comes to accessories, I’m pretty much covered. I rather spend all my money on a nice piece of jewellery or a purse than jeans and t-shirts. This picture of Mary Kate (or is it Ashley – I don’t know) sums up my ring game for Fall 2015 : the bigger the better, the more the merrier. My inspiration also comes from Stylist and former editor Sacha Charnin Morison whom, if you follow on Instragram, wears huge rings in multiples and I love it. I’ll be mixing golds and silvers and stones ranging from amethyst to onyx for many months to come …

So that’s pretty much it … me wearing a sea of grey, black or navy … but with lips to kill and jewellery to match.

What’s your theme this Fall?


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get inspired : pink+gold …

My favourite thing about South Asian brides and bridal parties is the use of colour. Everything is deep and rich and jewelled, it’s so pleasing to the eye. I find it all very glamorous, luxe, and ornate.


But, that isn’t to say that we don’t have South Asian brides who want the best of both worlds … an infusion of colour into their wedding style, but also a more naturally enhanced look.

This past weekend, I got to try my hand at a soft pink and gold eye for my bride.  It complimented her coral and gold attire perfectly and played up her naturally flawless skin.


To achieve this look, I used Lorac’s Unzipped Gold palette, along with the pink and coral blushed from Smashbox’s Crush on Blush Palette . I lined the eyes with Tarte’s Tartiest. We kept all the layers light to keep in line with the bride’s request for minimal makeup, but regardless, I think it plays up her features quite nicely!


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get the look : too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar eyeshadow palette

I’m a fan of picking up prepared eyeshadow palettes over putting my own together, or buying separate pots (save for the two pots of MAC Shroom I have in every kit), or randoms. A palette provides colours that compliment each other and for the most part, no guesswork.

There are a plethora of palettes out there (the whole new wash of nude palettes every brand has, for example) and it’s really easy to blow a pretty penny at Sephora finding the perfect one for you. I’ve had or currently have them all (from Urban Decay Naked to Lorac Pro Palettes 1 and 2 to Maybelline The Nudes!). I love them all.

But my current affair happens to be with Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. It might have something to do with the fact that every time I open the palette the sweet smell of chocolate releases the right endorphins, but it’s also because the colours, formulas and finishes are A++ and + again.


Thanks to my best bud, Elaine Atkins, I became the lucky recipient of both the Chocolate Bar and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palettes, and I find, that both palettes are in heavy rotation this wedding season.

Depending on the skin tone and favourite colours of any client or bride, I can more often than not get the right neutral, smokey look from either palette.

I’ve been leaning more on Semi-Sweet though. I really like Nougat, Hot Fudge and Licorice. Bon Bon and Caramel are great for the lid and for adding a hint of shimmer, while Butter Pecan is also a great highlighter on deeper skin tones (try it under the brow bone, or over the cheekbones!)


On Natasha above, I used Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer in Sin to prime the lids. I swept Bon Bon over the lids, which when paired with the primer shade lightened it a bit. I mixed Truffled and Hot Fudge from the outer corner in, blending it as I pushed it toward the centre, and up into the crease. I used Licorice on the outer corner. For a bit of dimension at the crease, I swept Nougat in the crease and blended up. I really like Nougat for deeper skintones. I lined her eyes with Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink.

For the rest of Natasha’s look, I used MAC Foundation is NC44 and Studio Fix Concealer in NC42, but only through the centre of the face. I then blended MAC Face and Body in C5 around the perimeter and down the neck. Clinique Chubby Sticks for her contour and highlight. A hint of NARS The Multiple in Puerto Vallarta on the cheeks. Anastasia Contour Palette as well to set the contour and highlight and brighten under the eyes. MAC gloss in Ample Pink for the lips.

My favourite thing about the TooFaced Chocolate Bar series (both the regular and the Semi-Sweet) is that it is neither a nude or a smokey or a matte or a shimmer or a metals palette. It actually contains a nice mix of matte, satin, shimmer and high glitter colours. I think the only thing it’s missing is more colour range outside of the great browns and neutrals it already has. The funkiest colour Semi-sweet has is Blueberry Swirl … and from there Pink Sugar. Chocolate Bar has a nice plummy purple and a more satin/matte pink similar to Pink Sugar.

Regardless, it’s still a sweet palette to have. My vote : go buy it!


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get inspired : from Maybelline at Fashion Week …

It’s March 2015, and of course, Toronto is in the midst of fashion week. All the stylish people are out and about this week at the tents, and there is no shortage of inspiration for fashion and beauty.

Here’s the look (plus the product roll call and how- to) for David Dixon, a must-see at Toronto Fashion Week, created by Maybelline’s very own Grace Lee. I’m a fan of fresh skin that looks flawless without being heavily concealed; it always pairs well with a bold deep lip.

Looking forward for more to come from Maybelline and Fashion Week!


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