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how to : ensure better hair days …

Hair. It’s the one thing that can shoot down a gal, even the most savviest and uber-chic of ’em. Hair can make us feel like a million bucks on it’s best days, and like garbage on its worst.

In a world where products to pre-style, style, and post-style your hair and a blow dry bar are on almost every corner and in every shop, it’s super easy to overdo it. And overdoing it – well … that leads to damaged, weak, and unruly hair.


Here are my top three tips to ensure better hair days … or at least better hair days most days of the week.

1. Detox your hair : Instead of letting your hair get dependent on styling aids and products,  bring it back to basics. You know how a grown women will ooh and ahh over a 4th grader’s beautiful hair … well, chances are that 4th grader didn’t use a hair primer, a blow dryer, and some hair oil on her split ends before she went to school. Best bet it’s wash and go … or even better, a two day old wash. Start the Friday night before a weekend hibernating at home. Wash your hair clean of any and all product and let it air dry. Leave it alone Saturday night. Leave it alone Sunday night. On Monday … do a co-wash : wash your hair with cleansing conditioner only, like Wen or Herbals Essences’ Naked Cleansing Conditioner. Let it air dry while you get ready for work. If you dread not styling it, throw it up in a top knot. Whatever you do, go product free for a good week or two. Co-wash every few days, and if anything, shampoo once a week. After two weeks, re-introduce products into your routine, but only when you really need to and not everyday. You’ll find your hair will look great on non-product days, and super responsive and cooperative on styled days!

2. Limit your hot tools : I know, easier said then done, but truth bomb – hair always looks better when beach waves are actually created by the beach and bedhead actually happens while in bed. Going to bed with your hair in loosely plaited french or dutch braids or twirling your hair into two Princess Leia buns while you let it air dry over night gives you all the trendy styles, without the heat. Plus it looks natural, effortless and healthy.  Save your hot tools for the occasional blowout or the long awaited girls night out.

3. Make regular dates with your hair stylist : Even when growing your hair long, trips to your hair stylist are key to better hair days. You need your stylist to maintain your hair shape and clean up rogue ends – both are integral to how your hair responds to your styling and how it looks day to day.  This is especially true for those going through the awkward growing out phase.  Seeing your stylist for trims regularly – even though you want to keep all those inches – will allow her to restructure and reshape your style as it grows so you don’t struggle with it daily. For those who wear their hair long already – your long beautiful hair will never look amazing if your ends are a wreck. Call your stylist. Now.

Hope these tips help on this happy hump day!


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hair diaries : help, i’ve got bi-racial kids …

As a mom to three biracial/mixed children (Jamaican and Filipino), you never know who’s hair texture each child will get until it starts to grow out. I grew up with straight hair and all I needed was a brush or comb to get rid of my tangles after shampooing and conditioning my hair. My hubby grew up with the curls but kept it short for most of his life.

Our oldest (daughter) got the mix of both worlds of medium curls, our middle (daughter) got hubby’s tight curls and our youngest (son) got my hair texture with a touch of loose curls as it grows out. My son’s hair is easiest to care as he has my texture. My husband would bring him the barber and get his head shaved low during the Spring and Summer months. The only time he has a lot of hair is during Fall and Winter and the only time his hair is cut during those cold months is around his birthday and some kind of special occasion.

There are expections of me that I am “to know” how to take care of their hair because I am a woman and a mother. In all honesty that was a reality check. I had no clue how to take care of medium and tight curls, I only knew how to care for my straight hair that I would either use a brush for a wash and go look, a hair straightener for more of a defined straight hair look and hot rollers or curling irons to get a curly or wavy style.

The older my two daughters became, their hair got longer, thicker, and curlier. It would become knotted and matted at times because I wasn’t caring for it properly. My girls rarely wore their hair down.  I would use hair cream or moroccan oil form time to time and their hair was always brushed out and put into one big ponytail because it was the easy way to do it during the week. Even on my days off, I would try and comb out their hair  – and that involved TONS of tears. It was not the easiest and all of us would get frustrated after trying to comb out the matted, knotted, and tangled pieces.

At one point (before the start of the school year last year and while I was at work) my husband took the scissors and chopped of a big portion of a younger daughter’s hair because it was so tangled with product build up and the amount to time that we were using to detangle it had become hopeless. My daughter was happy that she no longer had to deal with that portion of her hair and I felt very guilty because I didn’t care for her hair properly.

I was given very few tips+tricks on how to care for their hair when they were younger. For example, no one told me that I could go 2-4 weeks without shampooing their hair as it tends to dry out. And moisture … that was a tip I had to learn the hard way. I was told by some that my girls would need a lot of moisture in their hair. I thought that meant double the amount of conditioner than my own Toonie sized amount that I used. Boy was I wrong about that. I found out that I needed much more than that.

I bought and tried so many products. They either didn’t work, or I wasn’t using them properly. I also refuse to use any relaxers due to their age. I have nothing against relaxers, it’s just a choice that I have made. If they choose to use it when they get older, I have no problem with that, but for now, I just want them to love their natural hair and learn to care for it.

My daughters recently had the chance to have their hair done by BlushPretty Lead Hair Artist, Samantha Wilson. The amount tips and advice that I received that day is something that I took very seriously and I planned to use them right away and going forward.

Here are some of the useful tips that she gave me:

don’t rinse out all of the conditioner: keep conditioner at the ends of the hair to help prevent it from drying out;

use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a month to help keep the hair soft and manageable: the use of hair conditioner is not needed if a treatment is being used at the time;

part hair in 4 sections so it’s easier when combing out the hair:  This will help to prevent pulling at the hairline when combing out the hair;

massage scalp daily: to help with a sensitive scalp;

twist hair into pieces when combing out tangles: it will prevent tears and pulling at the scalp;

use hair products made for mixed/biracial hair: it will make a difference as the formulation is made for their hair type; and

sleep on a satin pillow case or sleep cap: this will help to prevent breakage and further damage.

All the tips that Samantha shared with me gives to me a lot of hope that I can care of my children’s hair better with a lot less tears and more understanding that will in turn, help them learn how to care of their own hair too.

If you’re a struggling mom like me just trying to figure out your mixed kids hair, please feel free to reach out to the BlushPretty team and Samantha to learn more!


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repair your hair : OGX healing+vitamin e

Hey – can you feel it?  You know. The temperature rising to just above zero degrees.

You know what that means right? It means that its about time to get the spring cleaning started; and not the household type of spring cleaning (though, that’s important too), but beauty spring cleaning … from head to toe.

For me, when warmer weather starts to come out to play, I start with my hair and my skin!

As you know, winter weather can do a number on your hair – from frizzy and static-infused messes to dry and dull ends. To turn that all around, I’ve started using OGX Healing and Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t shampoo everyday, so I clean and condition my hair about three times a week.

The nutrient-infused shampoo improves the hair elasticity and strength, fighting off breakage and the further splitting of ends; while the conditioner smooths and hydrates the hair from root to tip.

The end result : when I look in the mirror, I see shinier, fuller hair – BONUS! And when I straighten or heat-style my hair, my hair is frizz-free and not a split end in sight.

Now let’s move along to skin! I admit – I can get a bit lazy when it comes to moisturizing my skin. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time.  But this oil has been a life saver and is enjoyed by both me and my children!

OGX Hydrate and Repair Argan Oil of Morocco In Shower Oil can be used both in the hair and over the skin. It’s been doing double duty for my family and I! I’ve been moisturizing my skin immediately after my morning shower and what I love best about this product is it isn’t greasy after application. It absorbs quickly but gets the job done! I also find that the tip of the bottle is super helpful in not over-pouring or wasting the product. And here’s a tip for moms whose children hate shampoos or conditioners : I have a 6-year old who believes that all shampoos and conditioners are meant to make him blind and he screams bloody murder when he has to wash his hair. I manage to get a half-decent shampoo in, but for conditioner,  I take a small bit and apply to hair after his bath. It does all the work of a conditioner, plus it leaves his wavy hair soft and manageable!

Here’s to a sexy, smoother spring!


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P.I.Y: prettify it yourself : dry shampoo

I’ve come across many whom either a) don’t know what dry shampoo is or b) know what it is but don’t know how to use it and therefore avoid it. And I think that’s a shame because in a world where hair can easily go from healthy and shiny to over processed, over coloured, and over done, washing it daily just because you think you have to can end up doing more harm than good. Once you find a dry shampoo that’s right for you and learn how to use it properly, better hair days will follow.

One of my current favourite dry shampoos: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak!

What :
Dry shampoo is as exactly as it sounds : a shampoo that can be used for the hair WITHOUT the addition of water. It comes in two formulations, powder or aerosol.

Why :
Hair isn’t meant to be washed and stripped clean daily. It needs your scalp’s natural oil to protect and nourish the hair from root to tip. People who shampoo everyday might notice that their ends are dry or their hair splits easily and that’s because the hair never has a chance to be coated in it’s natural oil. Allowing oil to build and brushing it down the shaft of the hair keeps hair healthy. Dry shampoo helps to lightly clean and boost the hair on non-wash days while maintaining balance.

It’s recommended that hair be washed with shampoo and conditioner approximately 2-3 time a week. Using dry shampoo in between washes allows you to freshen up the hair and absorb any excess oil accumulated at the root. It is also great for post-workout and post-beach pick-me ups!

Dry shampoo should be used sparingly. It’s really easy to overdo it. The trick is to apply to the root. You want to aim towards the scalp, not the entire shaft of the hair.

Depending on the formulation you use, dry shampoo can be applied in two ways. Powder formulations are best for fuller, thicker hair. I like to shake a bit of the product into my hands and then massage into the scalp and root area. Then I take a brush and brush the product down the hair shaft to distribute through the hair.  For thinner or finer hair, I prefer aerosol.  It’s lightweight which is perfect for those whose hair falls limp all on its own. When working with aerosols, lift one inch sections up and spray to the root keeping the can about 6-8 inches away. Spray to close and you risk product overload. Again, brush through the hair to distribute the product.

Now you know! time to P.I.Y!


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expert advice : hair tips for transitioning to fall

Image courtesy of marin at

If you haven’t noticed already, the temperature is cooling down here in Toronto (little by little) and most of us have traded our shorts and bikinis for sweaters and boots…fall is creeping up on us.

Personally, I find dealing with my hair in the summer is a whole different ball game from working with it in the fall/winter. Keeping this in mind, I turned to one of our BP experts Crista Aguinaldo for some tips on making the transition from summer to fall easy for both managing my style and keeping my locks healthy.

Her advice…

  • Reassess your hair and make sure you have a shampoo & conditioner for your appropriate hair type to better deal with the cooler weather that is on its way.
  • Treat your hair and scalp to a good clarifying shampoo and treatment mask (protein-based for damaged hair or moisture-based for dry hair) to help renew your hair from the damage that may have been caused by your summer fun. Even if your hair feels fine, UV rays are pretty damaging, so it’s great if you can replenish and renew before the change of weather throws you for a loop.
  • Get a trim, or better yet, a hair cut! I know lots of ladies out there hate going to the salon for a cut (especially if they’re trying to grow it out), but a light trim of just the ends at least quarterly (although the recommended time frame is 4-7 weeks) will keep your locks looking great. It will also help keep the shape of your current haircut, or encourage you to go for a new look!
  • Ditch the sun-bleached-blond look and go a little more earthy. As the falls leaves change around you, you can start to look washed out pretty quickly, so fall is a good time to get into deeper, richer and more vibrant tones.

Have you already started working on some of Crista’s tips? I’ll be looking into treatments for my dry, sun-damaged hair!

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