31 days to a prettier 2017 : Make an appointment for your brows …

January 3, 2017By stephanie


So, I totally understand that with the onset of a new year after a well “spent” holiday season … the last thing you want to do is spend some more; but if there is one thing I want you to spend a bit of money and time on in this entire 31 day period, it would be a good brow consultation.

Day 3 : January 3

Today, you’re going to do a bit of reasearch. You’re going to Google a few the best brow studios close to home or work, read reviews on them – both positive and negative, and make a decision about which brow studio you would trust with your eyebrows. The next thing you are going to do, is make an appointment for a consultation and/or service.

Why your brows?

Because they are transformative in every way. They create a frame for the eyes, and when your brows are right … the whole world is right and world peace is achieved. Just kidding.  Seriously though, ensuring that your brows are clean, well maintained, and in great shape allows for any beauty look you do to seem much more polished and complete. Meeting with a brow specialist can provide you with valuable insight into the best brow for your face.

Before I go any further, let’s get something straight – I’m not talking about trying to achieve Instagram filtered, ombré, gradiated,  did you use a sharpie for that (?), eyebrows. That ain’t real life. I’m simply pointing you in the direction of,  perhaps you need to define the arch a bit more; or grow them out a bit; or trim them a bit; or learn to use a pencil better to extend the tail. These are all things a brow specialist can walk you through.

So again, today, I want you to make yourself an appointment for as soon as possible. Trust me … you’ll love it!

Brows over bros, yo!

TIP : Resist the urge to groom, tweeze, and clean up your brows before you go in for your consultation. That’s like cleaning up before the cleaning lady arrives. Let your specialist see your brows in all their glory. You may be tweezing out an area that might look better a little fuller.

HOMEWORK : Though you should trust your specialist to design and perfect your brows for you, it’s still nice if you bring in pictures of brows you like or admire. Just to give her (or him) an idea of your style and taste. But don’t marry yourself to a specific brow because it might not work with what you naturally got. be open-minded to possibilities!

fall/winter beauty is coming …

October 3, 2016By stephanie


Wowza! The BlushPretty team made it through another fruitful Spring/Summer bridal season. Yay us!!!

And now, it’s October 2016. OCTOBER!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the summer goes. It becomes a blur and before we know it, it’s fall. And I’m pretty sure that I will blink once, maybe twice, and boom … the HOLIDAYS!

Anyhow, while I have you here on the blog, visiting and reading, I wanted to remind all of you that now is the perfect time for you to give us a call and book in a Fall/Winter beauty lesson. Whether you choose a 60 minute, 90 minute, or 2 hour lesson – you’re bound to learn a few pro tricks and get the scoop on must have products to mastering a makeup style that’s fit for you. It’s the perfect way to refresh your makeup bag with products and skincare that will work with your Fall/Winter skin; and if you happen to have a full dance card for the holiday season, set your selfie game on fire on and learn how to do your own glam makeup for each and every party!

Book your appointment today. Just email us at beautymail@blushpretty.com or give us a shout : 416.727.1754

Have a great week ahead beauties!


loved by laura : j. crew model inspiration

December 18, 2014By DJMC

Image Source

I have always been in awe at how the models in J. Crew catalogues look so fresh with dewy complexions despite looking blown away with their disheveled hair.  Their makeup is natural and their lip colours add a sense of boldness. How can you get the look? The makeup artists use RMS beauty products as well as lipsticks from NARS – totally accessible products. This means we can get the J. crew model look too!

Image Source

In order to achieve the glowing complexion the makeup artists use RMS living luminizer. The RMS website describes the process: “Apply sparingly with fingers over the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the inner corners of eyes, and on the cupid’s bow above lips for a natural glow. Add life to eyes by subtly applying onto the center of eyelids, just above the lashes.”  The product itself is 100% organic and great for all skin tones. The texture is waxy and gradually melts with warmth, so it is not greasy or sticky once applied to the face.

Image Source

NARS lipsticks punch up the models’ pout with their super pigmented finish. Although we can’t all sport a vibrant fuchsia every day, there are a wide variety of shades to complement all individuals and suit all occasions. Bonus? They’re enriched with vitamin E to increase wearability and keep true color intact.

And with just two products, you’ll be all set for your catalogue-worthy moment! You can purchase RMS luminizer online, and NARS lipstick are available at Sephora, Murale or any NARS counter between $32 – $38.

the low-down from laura : holiday hair & makeup

December 2, 2014By DJMC

It’s that time of year full of holiday cheer, and oh the many parties and events you shall go to – but the big question is, what will you do with your hair and makeup? Don’t panic, because I’ve got you covered with some holiday hair and makeup tips that are simple and will be sure to get everyone’s attention!

When it comes to makeup, let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a classic red lip and cat eye? It never goes out of style, so if in doubt pick your favorite red lippy and liner of your choice for instant glam!  Tip: for more of a stained look, dab the lipstick on and blot until you reach the desired brightness. Layering the colour will also help it last all night. My personal fav red is Russian Red by MAC, which retails for $19.00 at MAC Cosmetics.

Photo Credit David Hou Photography www.davidhou.com, Makeup by Me

A classic winged liner doesn’t just have to be black either – why not try colour and perhaps a little glitter over the line to make your eyes sparkle? Try using the Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Royal, a beautiful sparkly purple available at Sephora for $29.00.

You can’t go wrong with a smokey eye, but to amp it up and make it more festive try using metallic shadows which were all over fashion week this fall. Tip: Try wetting your brush before dipping into the colour for a more vibrant effect.

Now that your face is done, let’s move on to hair.

Sometimes the simplest look gives the most wow factor, so try a sleek pony. To achieve the look, pull your hair back into a pony, leaving a ½ inch thick strand of hair out. Next, wrap the hair that you left out around the pony to hide your elastic and pin it in place. Apply a little hair spray to smooth out the top and boom you’re done!

Pony not your thing? Try a bun. You can use a mesh donut and pull that pony through to make a chic bun. Tip: Try leaving out a 1.5 inch strand of hair and braid it, once your bun is in place wrap the braid around the bun. For a thicker braid try using extensions.

Finally, if neither of those are your thing go for bouncy curls. Try using a 1 inch barrel curling iron or curling wand and wrap about 1 inch sections of hair around the iron. Add a little spray and voila, you’re done! Tip: For that beachy textured look use a beach or texture spray like the De-Constructed Texture Tease spray from Garnier. Spray it all over, flip your head and tousle your hair.

Hope these tips help get you through your holiday parties, or why not just call us at BlushPretty ;)

musings from morgan : halloween inspiration

October 29, 2014By DJMC

We’re just days away from one of the biggest holidays that calls for dressing up in full costume, and of course hair & makeup are part of the package when it comes to creating the perfect look.

There are so many ways to amp things up for Halloween – false eyelashes, contact lenses, hair extensions and wigs, unlikely uses of traditional products like lipstick and eyeliner, and so much more.

I wanted to share some of my fave looks from around the web to inspire your Halloween costumes this week – don’t forget to share your looks with us on social media either! We love to see creative ways to use makeup and tools to create the ultimate, all-out costumes and disguises.

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup

Image Source

This has been an increasingly popular look in recent years, but for good reason! It’s such a fun way to try something different – it’s not like you can realistically get away with it any old time of the year. A quick search for “comic book makeup” on Pinterest will give you all kinds of links to tutorials and variations of the look. It’s also an easy, cheaper way to do a costume since you don’t have to go too out of the ordinary with your clothing.

Cute Animals

Image Source

Okay…perhaps you’re noticing a trend. Nothing too scary yet, right? I’ll admit it, I tend to favour the cute and fun costume ideas over the scary and gory kinds. I’m just not big on all the blood & guts! I love simple looks like cats or doe-eyed deer, and this one is just stunning if you ask me (hell, I’ll wear that cat-eye any day of the week)! This is a good option that is really simple and easy to pull together in a pinch.

Sugar Skull

Image Source

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 to remember and pray for friends and family who have passed away – now that’s my kind of take on Halloween. Part of the holiday involves sugar skulls, and the look has become a common Halloween “costume.” I love this idea because who doesn’t want to create a totally customized, creative and visually stunning look on Halloween? This ain’t your average face paint folks – this is a look that gives you plenty of freedom to do what you feel! A quick search for “day of the dead makeup” or “sugar skull makeup” will bring up all kinds of inspiration.

What are your beauty plans for Halloween? We’d love to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve!