made up with mer : lovely lower lashes …

March 12, 2015By stephanie

You start your day with a set of nicely coated lashes only to find a set of raccoon eyes staring back at you on a mid-morning washroom break … quick swipe under the eyes and voila raccoon eyes solved but all traces of concealer have also vanished … annoying.

I have the solution!  I swear.  It’s a good one.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash.  I use it on top and bottom lashes and it stays all day.  Some don’t love it on the top lashes in favour of a mascara that creates a little more drama/feather/volume but it is a must for the travelling tendencies of bottom lash mascara.  It coats well, is rich in colour and stays where you want….on your lashes!  20$ at MAC.  Try it!

made up with mer : purple lips … and not because it’s f*-ing cold outside …

March 3, 2015By stephanie

I find a good little pick me up in the winter months is a sweet new lip colour.

Have you tried a good purple lately?  A little more quirky than your classic red, but equally as enjoyable for a night out or a jeans, white tee and army jacket kind of day (layered under your parka of course!).  I recently tried MAC Rebel paired with a Bite beauty gloss.  For a lovely sheer magenta, try Bite Beauty’s lush fruit lip gloss in Mangosteen.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite purple lip? Are you willing to try this one?


made up with mer : foundations for dry skin …

February 10, 2015By stephanie

I love foundation.  I think I might prefer foundation over mascara….gasp!…, I take it back.  Not true.  But close.

If you are like me and have “dry’ish” skin and are looking for a good foundation, allow me to introduce a few suggestions that provide a little more moisture and don’t cake or flake. I will start from the least amount of coverage to the most.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer  ($49.00 at Sephora)
This is great for the no makeup makeup look, the I just rolled out of bed this way but look miraculously more polished than one might think look and the Sunday look if you are me.  Hydrating light coverage, this is a great staple.  Let’s call this the casual foundation or the low commitment foundation.  Good stuff.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation  ($57.00 at Sephora)
This is a step up in terms of coverage.  Don’t let the glow fool you though – it’s very subtle.  Think Natural, not matte but not dewy.  This foundation is smooth to apply and lasts the whole day.

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint ($64.00 at Sephora)
Bit of a mouthful this one.  Its predecessor was the Illusion tinted moisturizer.  This is a full coverage foundation.  Fairly thick to apply but has a luminescent quality to it.  Tip – If you like the formula but wish a lighter application mix in a little moisturizer.

As with any foundation, I recommend asking for a sample before purchasing.  Use the sample for a couple of days to ensure the colour and formula are a perfect fit.

Happy shopping!


made up with mer : physicians formula organic care CC curl & care mascara

January 14, 2015By DJMC

I feel like if you asked 100 women what they would want on a deserted island, many of them would say something along the line of food/water, loved ones (a bit selfish, no?) and mascara. Going out the door without mascara for many women is like going out without clothes on (and it is far, far too cold for that!).

I am not going to lie to you – I really can’t stand it when I see a packaged product with too many promises….or even too much wordiness in general. I consider myself intelligent enough to not fall at the mercy of plumed up promises for my pennies. Or, perhaps I have fallen for these promises one too many times (more likely) and have become wise to the gimmicks. All that rant said, I took one look at the Physicians Formula Organic Care CC Curl & Care Mascara and thought, “Really?” I am skeptical. It has a photo of a lash curler with a line through it, and it seems a bit dramatic to say goodbye to my beloved curler.

What I did love about the packaging is that it highlighted the fact that this product is free of harsh chemicals and has a silicone brush. To be honest, the package is pretty wordy and the promises are big. So, does it deliver? The answer is yes and no.

Packaging – A bit wordy with too many promises, but such is the standard in the industry so I will let that slide :)

Pigmentation – Nice rich black that provided good lash coverage. Defined lashes well.

Brush – Nice curl, great flexibility, easy to apply.

Does it clump? – No. This mascara goes on smooth and separates lashes well.

Does it transfer? – A tiny bit of transfer on the bottom lashes but nothing close to raccoon status.

Does it flake? – No.  I found it quite long wearing.

Price – 15.79 (or less depending on where you buy)

Where to buy – Drugstore, Grocery store or online at

Worth it? – If you are looking for a gentle mascara without harsh chemicals that is easy to apply and gives a nice natural look then yes, it is lovely.  If you are looking for a mascara to curl your lashes…. keep looking (and perhaps give up because that seems kind of impossible, no?).

Bonus – Physicians Formula does not test on animals. Love that! I would actually buy it again for that reason alone.

made up with mer : bite beauty BB

December 10, 2014By DJMC 1 Comment

A BB for lips you ask? Yes! And it’s lovely (starting a sentence with the word and = not so lovely…but I digress). It’s essentially a tinted lip balm, and bite beauty’s BB for lips gets a thumbs up from me.

Packaging? Twist tube. Application is easy.

Pigmentation? There are 4 colours and 1 colourless. Light for every day (read: can be applied sans mirror for touch ups). Look to coordinate with your natural lip colour for a sheer yet polished pout.

Formula? Moisturizing and does not contain parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Not long wearing but you wouldn’t expect long wear colour in a BB/tinted lip moisturizer.

Price? $28.

Where to buy? Sephora.

Worth it? I say yes. This is a fantastic product for ladies (or gents) on the go and will be especially helpful getting in to the dry winter weather.

Bonus? Bite Beauty is a Canadian company!

What’s not to love? To avoid a chapped pout this winter, also try Bite Beauty’s agave lip mask.