if you must : paul+joe moisturizing foundation primer

October 2, 2015By stephanie

It’s Fri-yay!

In an effort to let you get to your weekend faster, I just wanted to share with all you artists and junkies out there the current primer I’m having a fling with : Paul+Joe Beaute Moisturizing Foundation Primer.


While I do carry a few other primers in my kit, I love using this one to not only diffuse and blur imperfections, but also because it’s creamy and just sinks right in. I find some primers  pill on the complexion, making foundation or concealer harder to apply.

It brightens up the complexion and is weightless too, so natural “I don’t wear any makeup” brides or clients don’t feel like they have layers upon layers of makeup. It works wonders on mature skin too.

To get your hands on some Paul+Joe, check out Jacob+Sebeastian on Queen St. West or in the Distillery district.


musings from morgan : hair things

September 4, 2014By DJMC

You may have seen on Instagram that I’ve recently lightened my hair and gone totally blonde on the ends for a blonde-to-brunette ombre to change things up. I’ve also been changing up my style, actually blow drying daily and styling into curls to give a bit of volume to my otherwise flat and thin hair. With all of these changes, protecting my colour and finding products to boost my volume while taming frizz have been a top priority, and I’ve found these ones in particular to be really helpful.

Nexxus Color Assure Primer

When Stephanie handed me the Nexxus Color Assure Hair Primer, I was really intrigued – I guess there’s a primer for just about everything now! It’s a pre-cleanse treatment that creates a shield  between your hair and water so you can still wash and scrub your scalp, but not worry about the colour going awry. I wanted to give myself a few weeks to try it out and see how I liked using it and if it performed, and can report that my hair is looking pretty vibrant these days and the brassiness has been kept at bay (it’s coming in a bit, but it’s nowhere near as bad as I’ve experienced in the past).

To use, you simply put 1-2 pumps of product in your palm and work it through your dry hair before jumping in the shower. It’s hard to describe how it feels on your hair, but you can definitely tell it’s creating that “shield.” You carry on with your shower as usual and voila! Colour is protected.

The biggest downside to this product is actually incorporating it into a routine. I keep everything I use for my shower ritual in the shower – I need it in front of me to remember to use it. Because you have to use this on dry hair, I had been keeping it on the counter in my bathroom and on several occasions (read: most occasions) I would forget about it until I was in the shower with the water running, and it was too late to use.

Overall, when used accordingly, it does what it’s meant to do and at $20 it’s a worthwhile investment for protecting your colour in between appointments. It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart – check it out!

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray

This product was made for people like me who have thin, flat hair that could use a good lift. On wet hair, it helps to lift the roots right up and on dry hair it adds that extra kick of moisture.

This took some getting used to – it’s easy to go one spray too far and end up with greasy roots. Once you’ve figured out the amount that works for you though, the product is a lightweight way to add some volume. At around $6.00 a bottle, it’s a totally affordalbe solution to your flat hair woes.

Disclosure: This product was sent to BlushPretty for editorial consideration.

fresh year, fresh start: the skin …

December 29, 2012By stephanie

When a the opportunity arrives to start fresh, I jump on it. The start of a new week, a new month, a new year … it’s always a marker for me to try something new.

Without a doubt, you are probably the exact same way. With the onset of 2013, let’s focus on beauty products that can help you start fresh!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

Available in five shades, this lightweight but longlasting BB cream keeps your skin looking real, dewy and healthy. It’s perfects the skin without masking it so you’ll start your day (and new year) with brighter, smoother skin without the weight. Complete with SPF 30, this BB cream is under $11 CDN and can be found at WalMart, Shoppers DrugMart and Rexall.

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

Never forget the skin over the eyelids. Even out the entire face by adding a bit of this nude based primer over the lids to where alone for an flawless look (it will hide the tiny veins and slight coloring on the eyes) or under your eye makeup to prevent creasing and to let eyeshadows show their true colours. Urban Decay does carry tinted/colored versions of this primer, but nude is always best! Under $25 CDN at Sephora and select Shoppers Drug Mart.

MAC Blot Pressed Powder

Sometimes, perfect looking skin requires that you touch up throughout the day. MAC Blot Powder is a makeup artist favourite that can help to reduce shine without adding any extra “cake” to the face. It let’s your skin radiate through without the oiliness. Just $29 CDN at MAC Stores (free-standing and at The Bay).

Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Every girl needs a concealer she can trust to do its job and stay put. This one gives you three useful products in one travel-friendly pot. A yellow toned concealer for marks and blemishes, a creamier peachier-toned concealer to mask dark circles and discoloration; and underneath a yellow based powder to set and brighten. Available at Holt Renfrew and Sephora for approximately $40 CDN.

For more fresh skin inspiration, click on over to our “the fresh skin …” board on Pinterest!

Tomorrow: the cheeks …