try it : detox your face …

January 6, 2016By stephanie

I was perusing Twitter recently and came across a tweet of Behati Prinsloo with her hair pulled back in a ponytail and her face free of most makeup. The picture, taken a while back, showcases how Prinsloo went makeup free after spending days on end abusing her face with runway makeup. Looking radiant and aglow – is there a case for a “makeup detox”???


Photo courtesy of Behati Prinsloo, @behatiprinsloo


Whether you wear a full face daily with false lashes, or a variation of a five-minute face most days of the week, everyone’s skin can benefit from a makeup-free day. It doesn’t matter if you are diligent about washing it all off nightly and following it up with a tried’n’true skincare and repair regimen – aiming to go makeup free for a few days always does a body good.

I have had many brides with various skin issues go makeup free the week before their wedding and the results come walk down the aisle day are always noticeable in a very beneficial way. The pores are smaller, the texture is smoother, the tone is even, the skin is smoother. Making a conscious effort to let your skin return to ground zero and giving it room to breathe is like magic.

Here are my tips for detoxing your face …

Go deep! Whether you hit up your favourite spa for your favourite all out facial, or DIY it at home … start with a deep cleanse and repair. Wash your face. Exfoliate. Do a hydrating mask. Serum, eye cream, moisturize. Basically, you’re choosing the deluxe wash option complete with the rust-inhibitor at the carwash … except, you know, for your face.

Keep it simple. After you initial deep clean, keep your daily cleansing routine simple. Gentle wash, light moisturizer, and if you must, anything to treat any skin issues.

They can’t sit with you … unless their clean. Anything that comes near your face should be cleaned and disinfected. Pillow cases. Sheets. Workout headbands. Clarisonics. Sleeping masks. If they aren’t scrubbed clean – they can’t sit with you. And you know what – while you are at it … wash those makeup brushes. You may not be using them during detox but when you’re done, they’ll be waiting!

Stay away! I’m not going to tell you to avoid cupcakes and french fries because you are already foregoing makeup, why make it harder? Rather, just eat less sugar. Drink less sugar (soda, juice!). Go easy on the processed foods and the junk. Drink more water. Try a green smoothie. Switch from coffee to green tea once or twice. The focus is your face, not your diet … but if you have the strength – this does help!

Remain calm for 72 hours. Don’t wear makeup for at least three days.  I’ll give you bonus points for five days. Look gorgeous if you wait seven.

There you go – my steps for a makeup detox face. It’s the start of the new year … so why not?



countdown to christmas : philosophy’s glowing days ahead set …

December 16, 2015By stephanie

My very very first item from Philosophy was their cult fave skin cleanser, Purity. I was in love with it and used it religiously in my early 20’s, and revisit it often. As a staple of the brand, I think everyone should try this one step skin cleanser at least once (or twice, or thrice) in their life!


Suitable for all skin types, the brand’s holiday set,  “Glowing Days Ahead“, which begins with Purity is a perfect pick for the complexion perfection junkie in your life. Complete with all the best items that Philosophy is famous for, its the set that will allow the lucky recipient the opportunity to dabble in a little bit of everything. It’s basically a tricked out skincare regimen in a box.

I personally suggest to anyone who gets this under their tree, to start with Purity, Hope in a Jar, and Time in a Bottle daily; Purity is creamy enough to remove the very last trace of makeup and washes away like it wasn’t even there in the first place; Hope in a Jar will not only help to hydrate and keep the skin soft, but it refines and repairs the complexion as well; and Time in a Bottle, will help fight off the signs of aging – the reason any skincare enthusiast is an enthusiast in the first place. Once the above three items become a routine for you, add in Microdelivery Facial Wash and Resurfacing Peel once or twice a week. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells, and resurface the skin for a more even tone and appearance.

Philosophy is currently available online and also, at Sephora. There are many sets to choose from, but this is by far, my favourite so … Act (shop!) quick!!!


if you must : palmers skin therapy cleansing oil FACE …

October 8, 2015By stephanie

Since the birth of my youngest child – my daughter – over two years ago, I have taken on a whole new approach in how I treat and care for my skin. Nothing like heading towards the big 4-0, and at the time having 2 children with 1 on the way, makes you scrutinize your skin and your face more …

I took an interest in changing the way I cleanse/treat my skin and fell in love with face oils. At first, I used a variety of face oils to moisturize and treat my skin, using dabs to prepare my skin for the day, and heaps to heal my skin at night. I saw an immediate improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. In addition, I became less oily and my complexion just balanced itself out.

And then, I took the next step : using oils to cleanse my skin.

There are many out there to try – and I have tried plenty – but right now, I’m enjoying Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil FACE. It’s a lightweight but effective oil that removes makeup and dirt without stripping the skin.


Yes, that’s me – taken today – no makeup, no filter and pretty much in my pajamas and blogging.

I keep the bottle right by my tub, and in the morning I pump a drop into my hands and gently cleanse and rinse in the shower. Before bed, I pump a bit onto a cotton pad to gently remove the day’s makeup from the eyes. After that,  I pump another few drops into my hands and start to massage over my entire face before rinsing clean.

With it’s convenient pump top, it is cleansing made easy – no caps to remove when your hands are slick but also it’s foolproof to add more drops without over-pouring if a deeper cleansing and more product is needed. It removes the heaviest and most waterproof of eye makeup in an easy swipe and I never feel like there is any trace dirt or residue left behind. It’s rinses off easily and quickly too.

Formulated with grapeseed, jojoba, and rosehip, my skin never feels tight or stripped after use – nor does it feel oily and slick. Many people, especially those who have an oilier complexion, tend to shy away from using face oils of any sort because they believe that using oils would actually make them oilier. But believe me – that is simply not the case.

I’ve been using Palmer’s for about 55 days now. In addition to using the cleanser, I also moisturize with a variety of face oils, including Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. My skin is brighter, softer and smoother.  I can go makeup free confidently on most days and other than the bags under my eyes (ha ha), my skin looks healthy enough that it doesn’t need concealer or foundation. Fine lines are NIL, and the skin is plump. I believe my skin is more youthful and more even, and that it’s maintaining it’s elasticity well.

I highly recommend trying Palmers Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil FACE for yourself. If you have drier, mature or aging skin and want to see results … changing it up to an oil based routine could be beneficial to you. Oilier skin types can also benefit and you might find that using oils helps to regulate your skin. Perhaps start light with this cleansing oil first, and down the road, start moisturizing with face oils as well.

Palmers can be found in all our favourite shops for beauty : Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and it can also be found at The SuperStore!


musings from morgan : l’Occitane cedrat for men

April 7, 2015By DJMC

Every once in a while, a chance comes up to test drive the latest offerings from a brand that are specific to men. It’s always fun to volunteer my better half Brad when these chances come up, so when L’Occitane connected with BlushPretty to share their new men’s line I was quick to sign him up!

Cedrat is a new fresh, masculine fragrance and skincare line from L’Occitane that addresses the needs of young men’s skin. The scent itself is fantastic – really clean and crisp, with a woodsy feel. The main ingredient, Cedrat essential oil, a citrus fruit known for its positive effects on the skin. It’s perfect for guys who aren’t looking for anything over the top or too aggressive.

Brad had a chance to sit down with the folks at L’Occitane and hear about the line in detail, all while indulging in a full grooming session using the products complete with a wet shave. He got to see firsthand the brightening and mattifying effects of the skincare products, and freshen up with the scent.

The skincare line includes:

  • Cedrat Global Face Gel ($42.00/50 mL)
  • Cedrat Shaving Gel ($20.00/150 mL)
  • Cedrat After-Shave ($36.00/75 mL)
  • Cedrat Pure Cleanser ($24.00/150 mL)

On the fragrance side, they’re carrying:

  • Eau de Cedrat ($56.00/100 mL)
  • Cedrat Shower Gel ($22.00/250 mL)
  • Cedrat Stick Deodorant ($24.00/75 g)
  • Cedrat Soap ($8.50/100 g)

Brad was lucky enough to try the entire line and take it home with him for proper testing. The verdict so far? Brad says, “I’ve seen a difference in the shine on my face and like that the fragrance isn’t too much compared to some of the other scents I’ve tried in the past. I don’t want to have to think too much about skincare and this line gives me everything I need and keeps it simple. I’m happy!”

The range will be available in all L’Occitane boutiques beginning in June 2015.

– morgan –

repair your hair : OGX healing+vitamin e

March 9, 2015By stephanie

Hey – can you feel it?  You know. The temperature rising to just above zero degrees.

You know what that means right? It means that its about time to get the spring cleaning started; and not the household type of spring cleaning (though, that’s important too), but beauty spring cleaning … from head to toe.

For me, when warmer weather starts to come out to play, I start with my hair and my skin!

As you know, winter weather can do a number on your hair – from frizzy and static-infused messes to dry and dull ends. To turn that all around, I’ve started using OGX Healing and Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t shampoo everyday, so I clean and condition my hair about three times a week.

The nutrient-infused shampoo improves the hair elasticity and strength, fighting off breakage and the further splitting of ends; while the conditioner smooths and hydrates the hair from root to tip.

The end result : when I look in the mirror, I see shinier, fuller hair – BONUS! And when I straighten or heat-style my hair, my hair is frizz-free and not a split end in sight.

Now let’s move along to skin! I admit – I can get a bit lazy when it comes to moisturizing my skin. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time.  But this oil has been a life saver and is enjoyed by both me and my children!

OGX Hydrate and Repair Argan Oil of Morocco In Shower Oil can be used both in the hair and over the skin. It’s been doing double duty for my family and I! I’ve been moisturizing my skin immediately after my morning shower and what I love best about this product is it isn’t greasy after application. It absorbs quickly but gets the job done! I also find that the tip of the bottle is super helpful in not over-pouring or wasting the product. And here’s a tip for moms whose children hate shampoos or conditioners : I have a 6-year old who believes that all shampoos and conditioners are meant to make him blind and he screams bloody murder when he has to wash his hair. I manage to get a half-decent shampoo in, but for conditioner,  I take a small bit and apply to hair after his bath. It does all the work of a conditioner, plus it leaves his wavy hair soft and manageable!

Here’s to a sexy, smoother spring!