31 days to a prettier 2017 : find your beauty spirit monster …

January 9, 2017By stephanie

With January signalling a time for change and evolving yourself, it is always good to have related visuals to your direction or goal to inspire and guide you. For example, I want to be fitter this year, so my current Instagram feed is nothing but before and after photos of women who really got into and did the work to be healthier and happier. You may want to cook more, so perhaps you’re pinning recipes on Pinterest. Or maybe, you want to quit your 9 to 5 and your Flipboard is lined up with articles about entrepreneurship.

Having a vision keeps your end goal in reach …

Day 9 : January 9

Find your beauty muse … or as I like to call it, my beauty spirit monster.

Whether you want to be glammed out on the daily like Kat Von D, or beachy and bronzy like Jennifer Lopez, or naturally imperfect like a Parisian girl … it’s always good to study the look. Following someone’s beauty evolution and style isn’t about copying their makeup from magazine and calling it a day. Rather it’s more like learning about the products they love and the techniques they (or their makeup artist) use and that work for them, to grow your own look.

Having one or two beauty muses can encourage you to try new colours or techniques, and bring you out of your comfort zone. It can prevent you from getting stuck in a beauty rut as well which is the quickest way to age you faster.

If you don’t already have Pinterest, it is a great tool to collect images of your chosen style muse, products you want to try and also, how-to articles on almost any makeup technique you want to try. If you have a 20-minute bus ride home, you would be surprised at how much pinning you can do.

Happy celeb hunting!

TIP : Images can help you shop better as well. Having images of a celeb’s look on hand when you hit a beauty counter can help the makeup artist determine what products and colours will work for you to achieve the same look and style.

HOMEWORK : If you love a good old magazine and have tonnes of them lying around BUT also know its time for them to hit the recycling bin, then grab a bottle of wine, park yourself in front of your pile and start ripping out photos of your beauty spirit monster. You can even tear out pages of makeup you’re interested in. Once your done with one magazine, toss it in your blue bin and move on to the next. Collect your images in a file folder for future reference.

lightbox : heavenly headshots …

January 26, 2015By stephanie

Makeup+Hair by Stephanie Daga, Laura Amaya and Candace Britton

We’re slowly easing our way into 2015 and with January almost complete,
we’re starting to come out of hibernation and put all our well thought out plans
for a better and more beautiful future into action.

One of the most popular requests around this time for the bp team is headshots.
Plenty of people are looking to update their bio pages with all of their previous years achievements and alongside that are new, fresh faced profile pics.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a freelancer/contractor,
or a very important player in a rising company, a new headshot
is a great way to attract new contacts and colleagues.

It doesn’t matter where you use it
(it could be on your company webpage or your LinkedIn profile)
a well-done headshot is always a great investment.

I wanted to share with you some photos of work we
recently did with Toronto photographer, Diana Nazareth.
I’m sure you will agree that photos done professionally
along with stellar makeup and hair (ahem!) makes
for a beautiful and enticing profile.

If you would like further information on booking
the team for an upcoming photoshoot, don’t hesitate!
416.727.1754 or beautymail@blushpretty.com 


wow : we love top ten lists …

July 11, 2014By stephanie

Whenever I’m skimming along my Zite account, or scanning the magazine racks, those “Top Ten …” (or five, fifteen, twenty … whatever) headlines always catch my eye. Always. So imagine my surprise when our blog editor, Morgan C., tweeted this link from BlogTO …

What a great honour to be amongst other salons and artistry teams in Toronto in their article for the best places to get your makeup done in Toronto. I was floored. And flabbergasted. And freaking excited …

This really made my week when I found out about this and I’m thankful to be able to share it with you. I also want to thank the entire BlushPretty team whose hard work and dedication to our bridal and private client clientele helped me grow bp to the amazing collective we have now.

Thanks Blog TO for the mention! Made my week, my weekend, my year!


pretty things: starbucks anyone?

June 26, 2014By stephanie

Every time Ms. Joanna Pop sends me an illustration she has created for the blog, I gasp. Like, audibly that people think something is wrong.

I hope you enjoy this one.
A lot of pretty things coming to the blog!


scene+heard : kirby bliss blanton+bp

September 9, 2013By stephanie

You probably overheard ( read: our incessant tweets and status updates) that this weekend was a big one for the BlushPretty team. If not, let me fill you in: we were hired to be the glam squad for an up and coming actress named Kirby Bliss Blanton – star of Project X (2012),  and seen in television shows like In-Betweeners, Zoey 101, and Hannah Montana. She is your quintessential California blonde (but born and raised in Texas) who is slowly going to take over the indie film circuit – trust me.

This weekend, Kirby landed in Toronto to stomp her way through TIFF to promote her supporting role in Eli Roth’s latest gore flick: Green Inferno. With a lot of buzz about his return to the director’s chair, Eli, Kirby, and the rest of the ensemble cast premiered the film Saturday September 7, 2013 and the BlushPretty team is over the moon that we had the opportunity and blessing to be involved.

We stuck by her side for two days. On day one, Anna (BP makeup artist) and Sam (BP hair artist) were like white on rice to Kirby glamming her up for a series of press photoshoots (including InStyle and W magazines) for the entire afternoon.

Later that afternoon, Mama BP (aka me) took over to change up Kirby’s look and follow her through her evening premiere.

For her daytime look, Sam smoothed Kirby’s hair into an oversized and polished bun which complimented Anna’s makeup application to portray a fresh face and pinkish berry lips. (In the pictures above, you cannot really make out the coloring, due to my poor control over my camera’s white balance. (Sorry – still practising). For the evening we let out her hair and twisted it into curls and waves for a beachy-bedhead-tousled look. We cleaned off her makeup to focus on fresh skin and a slightly deeper lip colour.

Before the midnight madness premiere, there was a pre-premiere party. As we collected in the lobby, the cast were all on their phones, snapping pictures and tweeting … and sharing the images with one another (see above photo). Notice the young man on the right?  In case you can’t make it out, that is Daryl Sabara of Spy Kids fame … all grown up! I think he looks great in a suit!

The pre-premiere party was held at Brassaii on King Street West. Held in the private room towards the back of the restaurant, the cast, crew and friends ate, socialized and mingled while psyching themselves up for the premiere.

From Brassaii, we were shuttled to the Ryerson Theatre for the premiere. I did follow the cast to Ryerson to watch Kirby “walk the red carpet”, but couldn’t get a proper picture … the papparazi were in full force, and the flash didn’t make getting an awesome picture possible. I’ll have to wait until one surfaces …

The following day, we returned to assist Kirby with hair and makeup before a series of press conferences. We again opted for a fresh clean face with lined eyes and berry lips – I think this made the most sense because Kirby is so naturally pretty (great eyes, skin, and lips) that overdoing it wouldn’t do her justice. With her, you kind of have to let her natural beauty shine through as much as possible.

In addition to hair and makeup, I think helping to choose her outfits was the next best thing about this weekend. She had many pretty dresses to wear, but for Sunday’s press conferences, we all agreed that we loved this outfit the most … even in comparison to Saturday’s outfits!

She actually topped this with a beautifully tailored white blazer and oversized black clutch.

It was a great weekend. Kirby was a sweet girl, a firecracker, and we truly know she will do great things in her career. We were really honoured to be her team of choice. That said, it was also a really busy, crazy weekend – trying to keep up with all the venues and conferences and panels and parties with her. I think the picture below sums up how we ended our Sunday evening: at home, shoes off! (Those Choos belong to Green Inferno cast member Lorenda Izzo, who kicked them off at Brassaii before the party even got into full swing!)