spotlight on : regina sterling

July 17, 2014By DJMC

Name: Regina Sterling

My role with BP: Blog Contributor

How I got into working with BP: I heard about Steph and BP through Elaine [Atkins] (who I’ve known for a few years now through Avon and being an avid reader of her blog Toronto Beauty Reviews). I would read about Elaine’s positive experiences from attending numerous BlushPretty: The Beauty Board events, reading BP’s blog, Instagram and Twitter feeds. When I won the CLEAR: Scalp and Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on the blog, I decided to attend the 2013 BlushPretty: The Beauty Board event and officially met Steph. She contacted me on Facebook on New Year’s Eve 2013 and asked me to be a blog contributor and I said yes!

The best part of my job: Besides trying out new products and writing about them, I’ve been able to meet quite a few of the ladies on BlushPretty Team. All of them have been very nice and welcoming. I’ve also been able to attend events at the studio and outside the to learn about new products.

My secret beauty weapon: Broadway Nails: imPRESS manicure Press-On Nails.  When I don’t have the time to paint my nails these are my go-to’s. They are very easy to apply, durable and will last for up to 7 days.

My must share beauty tip: Ask questions and opinions on beauty and skincare products that you are new to using or want to try out. Go to the people who know about the products and has the patience to answer all of your questions.

the beauty board: pelle beauty

July 16, 2013By stephanie

and they go on and on …

“i really likes the mist and serum; it felt amazing on my skin and I had to buy it.”

“loved the facial mist. it was refreshing and light.”

“the balancing facial concentrate has a nice light clean scent.
it’s not greasy on the skin and is a reasonable price.”

“what a great range of products. representative was helpful to determine
which products may be right for me.”

“the representative was really nice, approachable and friendly. she was informative about the products which helped us understand how it works.”

“the Citrus Facial Mist has a cooling effect  – perfect for a hot humid day.
it has a great refreshing smell …”

“neat all natural line that did not leave my skin feeling sticky.”

” i liked the wide variety of testers and likes hot the products had multiple purposes.
the woman running the booth knows her stuff!”

“Stellar is a really unique product that acts as a moisturizer, makeup remover, primer, etc. – so many uses. would definitely try it out especially in the warmer weather since its so lightweight.”

for more information on Pelle Beauty, click here.

the beauty board: pure+simple

June 6, 2013By stephanie 1 Comment

more chit chat:

“love that they are toronto based. i’m very interested in their cleansing milk – it feels great. also – love the blush (it has a scent, but nothing I can’t get over!)”

“pure skin face oil is light and absorbs well into the skin – doesn’t leave an oily feel – smells nice. the sensitive skin face oil is similar as well, but the scent is a little too strong for my personal preference”

“an array of skin and beauty products that are easy to use, effective and well known. love that sample sizes are available for different skin regimens. have tried them previously and loved it.”

“the lady was super nice and offered us a sample of the hydro serum. there [sic] products are great! great for sensitive skin and love hot it is all natural.”

“love their products. they should bring more selection to the event next time! i would have like to see more of the natural makeup!”

“i was first introduced to pure+simple at last year’s beauty board. they have a nice range [of products] that are light and really effective!”

“love their line! very smooth and moisturizing!”

for more on pure+simple, check out their website!

the beauty board: impress press-on manicure

June 4, 2013By stephanie 1 Comment

more reviews:

“can’t wait to try these – i rarely find the time to do my nails being a busy mom of three – this will help cut down on time!”

“loved the product! looks really nice on the nails and easy to apply. i wish they had tamer nail colours though that would be more work appropriate.

“great colour selection and range of sizes for smaller nails.”

“very nice colours and such a neat idea. i will be happy to try this out. would love to see a cherry blossom design. LOVE the bright pink.”

“very enthusiastic stand – the salesladies were very upbeat and happy to showcase the products. great product and cool concept – love the idea of being able to change your nails so easily. totally a product I would consider using!”

“this product is very practical for someone constantly on the go … the fact that the product is instant and easy to do – i love it!”

“love the colours and all the different patterns. very easy to put on, even if you have small nails!”

“reative and easy. this is nail art made easy for newbies.”

for more on impress, click it out here!


the beauty board : consonant body

May 30, 2013By stephanie

“the sunscreen blended really well with my skintone …”

“[the rep] had wonderful product knowledge, and the line seems like a worthwhile investment with minimal risk. the sunscreen and moisturizer combo is excellent in place of a bb cream!”

“your hydraextreme is awesome and the body lotion is also very nice. the rep is very personable and approachable!”

“i have used this brand before and really like it. when i asked about products for sensitive skin, the rep gave me a free sample which was really nice!”

“i tried and LOVED their new perfect sunscreen. cannot wait to use it.”

“stoked to use their new sunscreen!!!”

“the perfect sunscreen – lightweight with a nice tint to it and great protection from the sun’s harmful rays. i bought one and i cannot wait to test it out further.”

learn more about consonant body by visiting their website!