31 days to a prettier 2017 : sunday love …

January 29, 2017By stephanie

It’s that wonderful time of the week … when you get to take a break.

Day 29 : January 29 

Get your beauty sleep … but before you do, make sure you give yourself a great at-home facial and finish with a liberal dose of your nighttime skincare.

We’ve got two more days to go during this guide! Rest up!

Night night!

Rest Up

31 days to a prettier 2017 : eat your greens …

January 23, 2017By stephanie

Diet and complexion go hand in hand. The healthier the diet, the healthier the body, the healthier the skin. And healthy skin and beauty are hand in hand.

Day 23 : January 23

Get your salad on and eat a little cleaner.

Earlier in this 31-day guide, I told you that hot water and lemon is one of my favourite ways to wake up my skin in the morning. Another way to keep my skin in check and looking bright is eating a cleaner diet.

healthy greens

I’m not going to sit her and tell you to ditch everything humane and enjoyable to eat like pizza and nachos and french fries … but I am going to ask you to have salads more often … or a vegan pizza … or more avocado mash instead of Skippy’s peanut butter on your toast. A plant based diet consisting of more vegetables and fruits is a sure fire way to get your skin going in the right direction for anti-acne, anti-aging, and anti-anything you hate about your skin.

My favourite ways to get a cleaner diet without feeling like I’m sacrificing :

  • I make sure at least one meal a day is a healthy salad, (and by healthy salad I do not mean a taco salad – not all salads are equal).
  • Everything I drink throughout the day is water, but to keep me sane, I allow myself one iced tea (or other flavoured drink) a day.
  • If I want something that’s not so clean … like chicken wings … I’ll make them at home from scratch rather than buying a frozen box of them or eating out at a restaurant.
  • I prepare snacks in advance. I always laughed at this piece of advice when I read it in fitness magazines because truth be told, no one needs to prepare a Kit Kat in advance; however, since choosing to eat cleaner including cleaner snacking options, having a small Tupperware of almonds in my purse nixes cravings for anything processed.
  • I forgive myself when I fall out of line. This is key. So what if you  dug into that bowl of macaroni and cheese you prepared for your children? It’s okay … next meal is a whole new meal.

Happy noshing!

TIP : Meal prepping is hard to start, I know, because I try to try it out every single week and never do it. However, if you can at least think ahead to the next day and have a loose plan for what you’re going to eat … chances are you will make smarter choices when it comes to your meals.

HOMEWORK : Google recipes for easy to make clean meals.  You don’t have to go all Jamie Oliver on it … but get an idea of what some of the key ingredients are and some simple methods for making veggies or clean meals taste decadent.

31 days to a prettier 2017 : sunday slow down …

January 8, 2017By stephanie

By now, you’re probably winding down your weekend, and preparing for the week ahead. And that’s smart! Studies show that people who take the time to mentally prepare for the week in advance are more likely to be happier and healthier. 

Today’s task though, is about preparing yourself tonight for a good night’s sleep …

Day 8 : January 8

DO a mask tonight.

Sunday nights should always be about self care; about taking the time to rest and rejuvenate. Whether you choose a DIY organic mask, a fancy clay mask from your favourite brand, or those super cute sheet masks with an animal face on it – get masked!

Clean your skin as you normally would this evening and put on your comfiest pjs. Turn on your Netflix, apply your mask, climb under the covers, and let your mask sit for about 20-30 minutes. Get up, remove and rinse mask, climb back under the covers … continue watching Netflix.

And you’re done.  GOOD NIGHT!

TIP : If you didn’t already exfoliate recently, exfoliate before you mask so that your skin can reap the full benefits of the mask.

HOMEWORK : Check your calendar and schedule in regular masks. It sounds funny … but we all know how hard it is to keep the habit of doing something beneficial for us, so PENcil it in.

Let the Holiday Beauty Bar begin … 

November 10, 2016By stephanie

Canadian Thanksgiving, check. Hallowe’en, check. Remembrance Day, almost there.

And then …

Let the holiday season begin. It’s the most magical time of year after all!


Every year, the BlushPretty team opens up our doors to welcome you and yours to join us for our Holiday Beauty Bar. It’s the opportunity to get in the spirit of the season and get glam on the go. Between your office holiday party to cocktails with friends, BlushPretty will be open Thursdays to Sundays from 2-8 pm for both makeup and hair services. Whether you want to try the new metallic trend, or style your hair into the latest red carpet ‘do, we got you! We’ve even have a designated changing space to take you from office to “oh holy night!”hot that much easier!

Located in the heart of Dufferin Grove at 907 College Street, the Toronto studio is just steps away from the city’s finest establishments meaning you’re in, you’re out, and you’re pretty.

Holiday Beauty bar begins Thursday November 18, 2016 . Makeup applications begin at $55, and hair services begin at $65.

Bring on the cheer!

-xx, s and the BP beauty elves

lightbox : classic+simple …

October 7, 2015By stephanie


There is something about embracing a natural look that will never be dated for years to come. This October bride had beautiful long hair with such subtle highlights and colour that it looked lovely swept into this low-wearing chignon. Her skin was flawless to begin with, so not much work was needed, but we played it up with some highlighter and peachy cream colour (NARS Anguilla and Puerto Vallarta Multiples). Her lids were left soft, with champagnes and taupes and a dose of inner corner highlight. We completed the look with a soft pink lip.

Many brides might feel like their wedding day style has to be about glam and a whole new makeup look, but I think this image proves that there is always a place for natural beauty to shine in a white wedding dress too!