Last week I mentioned that I was relying heavily on lip colour to make a beauty statement in as little time possible. And when you rely heavily on something, like lipstick, its a really good reason to spend some money and stock up on some new colours.

Knowing that I wanted to try a new brand and experiment with bright colours, I turned to Bite Beauty – a homegrown brand (go Toronto!) available exlusively at Sephora – and their all natural approach to lip colour. Bite has quickly become a makeup artist and beauty blogger favourite thanks to their high quality, high performance products that are safe enough to eat. Not that anyone eats their lipstick for lunch, but as they say, women do ingest a few pounds of lipstick yearly.

Naturally, as a big fan of chubby pencils or crayon colours, I was immediately drawn to Bite’s High Pigment Matte Lip Pencils. It meets all my lip colour criteria: matte finish, chubby and easy to grip form, easy slip over the lips (no drag), and bonus: its a twist up – no sharpening needed.

There are twenty colours available, from neutral to bright and bold, but I picked up the two newest colours: Violet (aptly named it is a bright lavendar violet) and Corvina (a pinked up coral).

I debuted Violet first and I am happy to announce it was love at first Bite. Or sight. Perhaps both. One thing I noticed, while yes the finish is matte … Its a little bit softer than your typical matte finish or formulation. While there is clearly no shimmer or sheen or gloss with this colour, it wasn’t a completely flat or dry matte. A full day’s wear was easy peasy with no chapped lips, dried lips, feathering lips, etc. Just good ol’ soft lips with plenty of longwear colour.

Over the weekend, I wore Corvina with the same results – long lasting colour, soft lips, easy wear. That said, while I am happy with the colour, I prefer the look of Violet over Corvina … But both will get plenty of use I’m sure.

Dare yourself to try one of these electric pencils from Bite Beauty this spring. The colours and finish are fitting for spring/summer beauty.


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