I don’t need to tell you how crazy this past winter was (can I say it’s over yet?). As we slowly but surely make our way into spring and eventually into summer, we should all be doing things like checking for expired makeup products, perhaps updating our beauty bags to include some brighter colours, and above all updating our skincare regimes.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net by imagerymagestic

We turned to one of our in-house skincare experts Naomi Mundy of In The Buff Spa for some tips to keep in mind as we change seasons. Naomi is a seasoned makeup and skincare pro, and offers services such as facials, skin resurfacing treatments and specialty treatments through In The Buff. Check out her lineup of offerings and be sure to follow her on Twitter!

Naomi’s top tips:

  1. Re-evaluate your skin care routine.  A change to warmer weather means it’s time to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Make sure you choose one that is best suited for your skin type.
  2. When in doubt, seek professional help. Estheticians can help you pick the right products for your skin type and conditions like dehydration.
  3. Exfoliation is key to healthy glowing skin, especially after this crazy weather we have been experiencing! If using a manual exfoliant, look for ones that do not contain nut shells as these can cause micro tears on the skin. If using chemical exfoliant, look for ones with glycolic or salicylic for oily/acneic skin and lactic acid if you are dry or experiencing dehydration.
  4. Book in for regular facials with your favorite esthetician. Regular facials will help your skin maintain its healthy appearance and address any concerns you may have like sun damage, or rough and uneven texture and tone.