November 8, 2012. If you really think about it … it’s a scary date. We are less than two months away from the holidays. And Hallowe’en just passed, so the house is filled with leftover candy so there goes any “diet” plans. Plus, all companies are trying to save a buck here or there, so your office holiday party and cocktail hour are going to happen last week of November or first week of December to avoid the holiday season premium pricing for venues. Right?

You literally have only a few weeks to get your self into shape. Or looking like you are in shape.

In the last fit by la-la-la-la post, I offered up a few tips to get you moving in the right direction, even though the turn in weather might have you feeling like staying inside until March 2013. (I hear ya … ) This month, let’s explore ways to keep you on track while you’re busy living life.

It’s a rule you’ve heard many times before, but I’m going to repeat it, because it is essential. Drink more water. A little story here: during this recent pregnancy, I found myself drinking more and more sweet things – like juice, pop, flavoured teas, etc. – to quench cravings and get rid of odd tastes in my mouth (nothing tastes like it should except for aforementioned juices, pops, and flavoured teas). Bad idea. I go from sugar high to crashing low within minutes and it’s driving me nuts. I found I was extremely swollen/bloated by the end of the night and let’s not even talk about weight. Do you know how many calories these drinks have? Anyway, as of late, I’ve taken to carrying around this huge bottle of water around with me. When I feel hungry, I swig water. I have a craving, I swig water. I get thirsty, I swig water. I’ve cut back on my juice/pop/tea intake, which I am sure is better for baby, but also, better for stopping any unnecessary weight gain. It’s as they say, sometimes you think you are hungry/craving chocolate/dying for alcohol … but you are not … it’s just your body needing to be hydrated. Investing in a water bottle is next to nothing.

And my tip: keep a pitcher of water flavoured with berries/cucumbers at the ready in your fridge. It has all the benefits of water but with natural flavouring.


You know what’s crazy about us women? (Okay. There could be plenty of things, but I’m asking about one specific thing.) It could be negative 10 outside but when we have a holiday party to attend, we will still wear the thinnest sheerest hose, the shortest skirt and a sexy strappy high heel. Snow on the ground be damned … So it only makes sense that we do our best to keep our legs in shape, yes? Now, if you are an overachiever, you already do a leg series at the gym – squats, lunges, some step-ups. Let’s one-up it. Between all the long lines between now and December 24, 2012, you can certainly take some time to do some calf raises. I’ve been doing them everywhere. In line at the grocery store. Standing around in the school yard waiting for the BlushPretty kids to come out. When I am standing in the kitchen marinating chicken. It’s mindless effort that takes zero gear. Do  you look like a fool doing it in public – yes. Will your calves look super sculpted in your holiday dress – YES!

And my tip: I change my feet positioning (straight forward or pointed out) to target different areas of the calf. And if I am at home, I will do five calve raises for every step I walk up or five squats between every ten calf raises.


By now, you are probably feeling the effects of the weather on your skin. Your face is probably taking the brunt of it, but remember, your skin covers your entire body so there is plenty more than just your face to take care of. Now is a great time to practice dry brushing. Exactly as it sounds, dry brushing is taking a firm bristled dry brush and sweeping it up and over your body to stimulate blood flow and exfoliate the skin. You start from the bottom up. It takes only ten minutes before you hop into the shower to practice this habit. Some of the key benefits are softer, smoother, skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. A dry brush can be found at your local drugstore or big box store in the bath/body/cosmetic department and start as low as $14.99.

And my tip: start your day off with a dry brush routine. It’s quite invigorating and gets the blood flow moving. When choosing a brush, look for a long handled one which I find helps you get around the “nooks and crannies” of your back!