Sounds awesome already, doesn’t it?

Ibuki is a Japanese word that refers to one’s inner strength that can overcome whatever is thrown at it, and emerge better than ever. So fitting for Shiseido’s new skincare line emerging this month.

Shiseido Ibuki is a line of cleansers, moisturizers and creams  that are designed to give you clear skin now and the ability to fight off damage in the future. Focused on building the skin’s “inner resistance” to the ups and downs of a women’s lifestyle, Ibuki works proactively. As we all know, our skin is directly affected by our lack of sleep, hormone cycle, inconsistent diet and stress. By strengthening the skin, women can stop dealing with the same skin issues over and over again.

I was honoured to have received a preview of the Ibuki line and put it to work immediately. Normally, I like to keep my skin routine to a minimum, so I focused on three specific products from the line: Ibuki Cleanser, Ibuki Protective Moisturizer and the Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream. In addition, I used the Ibuki Purifying Cleanser twice a week.

First things first: the cleansers. Gah! Just a little bit goes a long way as both cleansers foam up into a creamy lather quickly.  Very rich to the touch, the  gentle cleanser left my skin feeling clean and smooth without residue once rinsed away. I didn’t feel any tightness or dryness, which can happen when switching cleansers. The purifying cleanser is also very effective. Again, I used this only twice a week, but it manages to slough away dry flakes as needed and my skin always felt refreshed. Within a week, my skin felt brighter and softer. I also felt like I didn’t need as much makeup to conceal redness.

When it comes to moisturizers, I love a good creamy slather at night, but for day I prefer a lighter layer that absorbs easily but keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout. In addition, it HAS to have sun protection – so I knew the protective moisturizer was the one for me. It’s perfect for daytime use. Light to the touch, it sinks into the skin quickly but spreads evenly. Just one pump is more than enough. There is no greasy film, so I can apply my makeup almost immediately after application. I normally have a small dry patch just between my eyebrows, but since using the Ibuki line, it has disappeared.

Last but not least, the Eye Correcting Cream. It is never to early to address the issue of skincare for the eye area and you are never to young to start doing a little something extra for the eye. Period. For me, a good eye cream has to leave my eyes feeling refreshed and hydrated while it works and this cream didn’t disappoint. It had a nice cooling effect around the eyes which I felt perked me up.

After one week of using the line, I posted this picture up on my Instagram profile. I remember getting into the car that day, checking my reflection and saying “woah … my skin looks great today”. As of late, I feel like my skin is brighter, plumper and more youthful looking.

So the verdict: I’m definitely a fan of the new Ibuki line from Shiseido. I think beautiful people from age 28 and up can benefit from daily use of this line – especially those who live a life filled with ups and downs and the fun inconsistencies of work and play (long hours, lack of sleep, no time to eat!). I’ve been at the mercy of all three for the last month, yet my skin never showed it.

Shiseido Ibuki launches October 2013 – TOMORROW! Shiseido is available at most department stores and the new Ibuki line pricing ranges from $30 to $55.  Have fun shopping ladies!