The side sweep is a bridal favourite for its ability to be both a down-do and a partial updo. It’s the perfect mix of having a veil of hair over the shoulders, and the clean and controlled feeling of having your hair up and off the neck

Many brides opt to have their hair curled and then pinned off to the side; a simple and easy look. But … you can dress it up a bit.

This bride had a very natural and beautiful style, choosing to complement her sideswept hairstyle with a very natural no-makeup makeup look 9sorry, not pictured here, obviously, ha ha). Since her overall style was very clean and pretty, we decided to dress up the back of her sweep – just a bit – so that there was an element of interest in her hair.

To achieve this look I curled the entire head of hair using a 1-inch barrel.  I then gathered most of the hair, except for a small section from ear to ear at the crown, and pinned and finessed it into her sideswept pony.  I then divided the crown section into smaller one inch sections, created the individual curl/loop, secured it, and then tucked the end in so it fell into the sweep. Easy, right? (But pretty too.)