Today, I wanted to write about the importance of images – whether tears from a magazine, a pinterest board, or even a couple of screenshots saved onto your phone –  and how they are key to having a successful trial run with your makeup and hair artist.


Photo by Rhommel Bernardino

Beauty jargon, like “textured”, “glowing”, “dewy”, and “voluminous” mean different things to different people. Your artistry team will understand the words one way, and you might envision them another way. In addition when you start to actively psuedo-quantify the words … “a little bit of texture” can be tricky. Or “more dewy” can be an oily mess.

This is where pictures come in. Pictures are the best references for artists, and even for yourself, to measure what you like and what you don’t like. When you can’t find the right words for the look or style you’re trying to achieve … the pictures can find and translate them for you.


Photo by Jonathan Ponce

Remember, you are paying good money and spending from your wedding day budget to have a trial run with your artistry team. Make it worth every penny (and easy on your budget) by making sure the look you want is achieved (or as closely as possible with respect to your hair type, skin type, and face shape) that first time.

I highly suggest collecting images of looks you love and looks you do not like.  I also recommend that you prepare “second choice” looks – especially if you are aware that your hair isn’t the right length for your most preferred look, or if you want to try smokey eyes but aren’t sure how you will feel about it once it’s done.  There is nothing wrong with a back-up plan!

Keep in mind, that saying to the artist “just make me look fresh and beautiful” is very subjective.  They might think you will look beautiful in a bronzy glow with a liquid liner eye … when you prefer to be fair and pink. Or perhaps they see you in a glorious upsweep hair do … when you were hoping for a half up / half down with bangs hiding your face.

Communication is definitely key and as makeup and hair artists, WE LOVE looking at beauty images. If you have yet to have your trial run, start collecting images now. Pinning, saving, or screen-shotting one a day can result in a huge pile by the time your trial run or wedding day rolls around!

Happy planning!