Happy Monday everyone! My apologies for being MIA last week, but we were so busy preparing for our Fall/Winter Bridal Beauty Preview (more on that later this week!), that I never got a chance to log on and chatter beauty!

I did manage to fit in some weddings and bridal trials though, and I wanted to share with you beautiful brides-to-be some inspiration. Here is a look at a beautiful classic twist I did this weekend that is a little more dressed up than a bun but just as controlled and finished.

While I cannot show you shots of the front without featuring the bride’s face (not until AFTER she walks down the aisle!), I think the back of this statement hair says it all.

We kept the look textured and soft. While sprayed for control, the look isn’t too sprayed or too “crisp”.  It’s still quite touchable! We created plenty of volume at the crown and did a slight side part from the front. The bride also opted to have a bit of swept bangs in the front, yet this style can be done with the front of the hairline (or the bangs) sweeping up and and back.

This particular bride had super long hair of medium thickness/weight. She had some grown out bangs at the front, and as you can see some nice high and low lights which adds to the look.

My best advice is to have hair that is slightly longer to create this look, especially if you want the fullness in the twist and the tucked ends. You’ll want hair that is longer – say, past your bra strap – and longer layers (if any) as well.

Have questions? Want to ask about this style and if its right for you? Heck yah! Give us a call, or send us an email, carrier pigeon might work too (probably not) – I guess what I’m trying to say is we are here to help so don’t hesitate to ask what the team and I can do for you, your hair, and your face! :)

Before I go, I did want to share where the twist above started from – a tiny knot at the nape of the neck – it goes to show that anything is possible!

Have an amazing week everyone!