I’m going to put it out there in the universe that the BlushPretty team has the most naturally beautiful brides. We’re talking great features, great skin, great attitude. We’re certainly not complaining …

While our brides are fit to walk down the aisle with some blush, gloss and a curl in their hair … sometimes … it’s fun to add some “oomph”. And usually, that oomph comes in the form of luscious fuller hair, or long fluttery lashes. It’s the one case where size really does matter … we’re talking longer, lusher, fuller …

I wanted to take a quick moment to remind all of you brides out there – and perhaps the ladies who like a little glam everyday – that we have the hook-ups to two great services.

As you already know our team represents the fabulous and talented Samantha Wilson.  We’re talking a finalist in Salon Magazine’s 2015 Bridal Hair contest, editorial photography mainstay, and all-around great hair artist!

candy photoshoot by Rhommel Bernardino
Makeup by Crista Aguinaldo
Hair by Samantha Wilson

If you happen to be in the market for hair extensions to add a more fuller, longer look to your hair, Samantha’s your girl. No beans about it. We’re talking a consultation to go over the different types of extensions you can use to create your look; having Samantha source and purchase the right extensions for you; and then, having them custom coloured to match.

Sure, the above photograph probably isn’t bride material – ha ha – but it is a testimonial of what Samantha can do with extensions: colour to match, colour to change, colour to however you wish! Custom created and coloured extensions are key for several reasons : they’ll blend into your hair seamlessly that no one will be able to tell you’re faking it; they’ll accommodate your chosen hairstyle for the day (they won’t be too long, or too short); and they can be used over and over again with proper care.

And let’s not forget about the other thing where length matters : lashes!

It’s not uncommon for brides to wear false lashes on the day of their wedding, but for those who are looking for something that lasts longer than the wedding day itself, perhaps into the honeymoon, lash extensions are the way to go!

Photo from @FCLToronto, Instagram

Our Toronto studio is also home to Flirt Custom Lash Studio, the place where lashes are transformed. We’re talking lashes that lift and lengthen and stay pretty throughout the whole night without a smudge of mascara. While you might lose a lash or two here or there, there is no risk of the entire false lash falling off before you say I do … and let’s all agree, that is key for many brides! If we have piqued your interest, your best bet is to set up a consult or appointment with Paddy at the Toronto studio to discuss your options.

If we have you thinking a whole new beauty game plan, and you wish to speak with either Samantha or Paddy, send us a quick note and like I said, we’ll hook you up! Email us at beauty mail@blushpretty.com!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!