I recently had the pleasure of reliving my girlie childhood memories with Broadway Nails imPRESS manicure – specifically with some limited-edition Halloween tips just in time for this weekend! I remember being a young child and enjoying painting my nails and playing with fake nails, and these certainly took me back.

They look like gel nails and adhere for about a week. Each package includes a prep pad (a rubbing alcohol pad) and 24 press on nails in various sizes – great for making sure you find the best fit for each tip.

The idea of press on nails is fun and easy, but with great beauty comes a price and in this case, it was a tough removal process. You are supposed to pull them off by lifting from the sides, but I’d recommend applying polish remover between the nail and the press on tip and leaving it for 1 minute. It makes for an overall more pleasant experience, since peeling them off was a task (I’m lucky enough to have thick and hard nails, but I imagine if they were brittle and thin it would be worse). Another thing to note is not all nail beds are shaped similarly and the shape options are limited to what’s in the package, so you may also find you have to file them to size.

All in all, they look great and deliver high-impact results. This is definitely a product that I would use for special occasions. You can pick them up at your nearest Walmart for under $10 – they definitely make it easy to get into the Halloween spirit if you’re not into wearing a costume!

Disclosure: Press samples featured.