The title says it all, but allow me to elaborate. NARS had me at the Orgasm blush, but now I am taken by their line of iconic coloured nail polish.  I had the chance to sample the Shameless Red and Back Room, and I must say I’m excited to try out more!

With any nail polish, the brush makes a difference in the quality of formula distribution.   Here we have the perfect marriage between flat & curvy.  The flat brush creates polish coverage over more nail surface area, and the curved edge allows maneuvering corners without staining your cuticles and fingers.

“A little goes a long way is” how I would describe this vividly pigmented polish. One generous layer of the polish is enough for full coverage with no need for a second application. The formula is neither runny nor goopy so it won’t cling to the brush and leave streaks on your nails.   It is fluid & flexible creating an even coverage once applied and dried.

A great benefit of this product is that it is easy on and easy off.   You will not struggle with lingering polish on your nails after you remove it.

Just like any basic essentials in your wardrobe, NARS nail polish would be a classic go to staple in anyone’s polish collection.  After a trying moment or a long day, you can look down at your nails and sigh, “There is something in life that is still beautiful!”

You can find the NARS nail polishes as well as the Phillip Lim for NARS nail polish collaboration at Sephora and Murale ranging between $19 – $23.