Meet our newest BP contributor, Mer!

I am writing this review exactly 1 year after purchasing the Clé de Peau Beauté concealer.  Yes, 1 year. Kind of crazy, right? The beauty of this product is it expires after 24 months of use, and I can confirm that  you may indeed have it for just that long.

Packaging? Solid. Tube still turns nicely and product is nicely secured. Application is easy (with a small synthetic brush or your finger).

Pigmentation? There are 6 colours to choose from. All are very highly pigmented and provide a ton of coverage. A little goes a long way.

Formula? Smooth for easy application. Not sticky. Not drying. Glides on the skin. Does require setting powder to stay put.

Price? $85. (an investment for sure).

Worth it? I say yes – only if concealer is an essential part of your beauty routine (and who doesn’t need a good concealer?). If $85 is just too much for your beauty budget, consider Hourglass hidden corrective concealer.

Where to buy? Holt Renfrew

As with any new product (especially one this costly), consider trying it out for a day.  Ask the experts at the counter to apply for you – wear it for the day and see how you like it.  It’s never worth buying something that doesn’t work for you no matter what the reviews say!