BB Cream has been an overnight sensation in the world of beauty. There was a time when we had no choice but to go through a beauty regimen with what could feel like endless steps. Individual products provided the SPF, moisture, priming, concealing and overall coverage we needed…then along came BB cream, solving all of that in one swift step.

BB cream (“beauty balm” or “blemish balm,” depending on who you talk to) is an all-in-one super-product designed to simply the face prep process many of us go through in the morning. Women on-the-go, rejoice!

Full disclosure: I never really took the BB plunge when the product first took markets by storm in North America, so the Dream Fresh BB I tested from Maybelline was my first venture into BB territory.

Dream Fresh BB touts 8 skin benefits:

• Blurs imperfections
• Brightens
• Evens skin tone
• Smoothes
• Hydrates
• Enhances
• Protects with SPF 30
• 0% oils and heavy ingredients

As a long-time foundation girl (be it liquid or powder – I like the guaranteed coverage of foundation, knowing every patch of red or blemish on my face will be hidden from the world as I go about my day), the challenge to try something new was perfectly timed. I was looking for a lighter alternative to foundation on days where my skin was calm and I just wasn’t up for my full routine.

I thought it would be best to test this product over the course of a few days. It’s one thing to swatch a foundation and get a sense of its texture and coverage, but a whole new product deserved a thorough test drive. I wore Dream Fresh for about three days, and then switched back to my usual foundation.

The formula is very lightweight and feels more like a moisturizer than a foundation. Using my fingertips (as suggested), I smoothed the product over my face and was impressed by its level of coverage. With the help of a little concealer, it truly did smooth out my complexion and even out my tone.

 Left: Before, Right: After

After wearing it for the full three days, however, I noticed my t-zone felt more oily than usual. I found the BB cream was not best suited for those of us with oily or combination skin, (perhaps because it’s designed to moisturize and hydrate throughout the day) as by mid-afternoon I found it just wasn’t staying put.

That being said, the product itself does what it says by providing decent coverage, while smoothing things out and helping to speed up your morning routine. I’d definitely recommend it to women with less problematic skin who want a simple beauty regimen.

Morgan Cadenhead is a self-professed beauty junkie living & working in Toronto. By day, she’s a PR pro who loves all things writing & media, but by night she’s often catching up on her favourite fashion & beauty blogs or hitting up the gym. Her makeup obsession stems from the realization that makeup is a powerful and (most importantly) fun tool – it can make the difference in how you carry yourself, set the tone for a good day and above all, make anyone feel gorgeous! Follow her on Twitter @morgancadenhead or drop her a line at

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