If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I was recently in NYC for a mini-vacation after a crazy busy holiday and cold start to the year. While exploring the city, its great food and places to go, I also discovered I’ve suddenly started to suffer from terribly dry winter skin. I started to experience extreme burning around my eyes on the trip after walking everywhere, and thought maybe it was my makeup or the hotel sheets. Upon closer inspection though, I discovered the redness and burning was all from a serious lack of moisture.

My quick fix as soon as I returned home was to remove any makeup I had on, then I slathered on some face moisturizer I had handy. The relief was instant – just like taking a sip of water after being parched for hours. I knew I had to start thinking about long term options though, so I busted out the set of botanical cocktails I had just received from the folks at Corpa Flora.

There are two things you should know before I go any further: 1) I’d never heard of Corpa Flora before and 2) The bulk of this set consisted of facial oils – a kind of product I’ve never used out of pure fear. Fast forward to today, and I can’t say enough about this stuff – I’m so glad I took the plunge!

Corpa Flora was kind enough to provide BlushPretty with a Discovery Set ($51) designed to last three weeks. The description is as follows:

“Now you can try CORPA FLORA botanical cocktails during 21 days. You will found in this Discovery Set “Beaute Divine” our camelia cleansing oil, “Grenadine” and Eclat Citrouille” our antioxidant and anti-aging botanical cocktails, our ultra-fine exfoliating powder “Rock’n Rose” and our ultra-soft bamboo facial cloth from Shoo-Foo. This discovery Set 21 days can be used as a beauty booster for all skin types, as a travel set or simply as the perfect gift for you best friend.”

After carefully reading the instructions, I vowed to try it out for a week in place of my usual routine. Overall, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by all four products and even with the facecloth from Shoo-Foo (it’s sooo soft & gentle).

Beaute Divine – Camelia cleansing oil

This oil is meant to replace your usual cleanser/makeup remover and can be used twice daily – once in the morning and once before bed. All you need is a small amount (1/3 cap) in the palm of your hand to apply to your face, neck and décolletage. Follow with a bit of warm water and it will become a milky lotion, then rinse off with the damp Shoo-Foo cloth. It’s super moisturizing, gentle and smells ah-mazing. I was definitely impressed by how well it removed all traces of my makeup when used at night, and even found my makeup lasted longer throughout the day after using it in the morning. I found it didn’t affect my oily t-zone – if anything, I noticed much less oil than usual.

Rock ‘n Rose – Ultra-fine exfoliating facial powder

The exfoliating powder is designed to be used once a week at night with the Beaute Divine oil. It contains adzuki powder and colloidal oatmeal, and is meant to wash away dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal. By mixing it with Beaute Divine, you’re getting the best of both worlds and a super fine exfoliating treatment. It’s got a similar consistency to sand (in my opinion, this is a positive note) and feels and smells great. I’m the kind of person who loves exfoliating – I love feeling like I’m getting down deep into my skin and washing away all of the dirt, and I especially love the after feeling of ultra-smooth, refreshed skin. This product definitely gives you that feeling!

Grenadine – Botanical antioxidant facial cocktail

Grenadine is the morning oil, for use after cleansing with Beaute Divine. Consider it your morning moisturizer and primer replacement – it absorbs quickly, hydrates well and is formulated with protective oils of pomegranate, cranberry and raspberry. It really is a cocktail for your skin! Just one pipet cap of this stuff does the trick on your already-damp skin from cleansing and it kept my skin hydrated all day. As with the rest of these products, it too smells awesome.

Eclat Citrouille – Anti-aging facial botanical cocktail

Finally, Eclat Citrouille is the oil to apply just before bed after washing away the day’s makeup and can take the place of a nightly moisturizer. It contains pumpkin seed oil, macadamia and rosehip seed oil as well as regenerating and anti-inflammatory essential oils of roman chamomile, lavender, geranium and frankincense – SO, not only are you giving your skin all kinds of love, but the scent alone will help you sleep better (lavender and chamomile are often used in aromatherapy to aid in improving sleep). It’s applied just like Grenadine and claims it will fight wrinkles, restore a youthful glow and dimish fine lines. I’m not quite at the point that I’m consciously looking for products that will take care of aging skin, but it’s never too early to start getting a healthy routine in place!

In short, my fear of facial oils has vanished and now that I’m looking to solve some serious dry winter skin issues, this has been an excellent starting point. At only $51 from a Canadian company serving up natural products, I’d encourage you to check them out.

Disclosure: This product was sent to BlushPretty.com for editorial consideration by the brand’s public relations team. We tested and reviewed the product to share our honest opinion with you (our fabulous readers) and would only ever recommend or review products we truly believe in!
Morgan Cadenhead is a self-professed beauty junkie living & working in Toronto. By day, she’s a PR pro who loves all things writing & media, but by night she’s often catching up on her favourite fashion & beauty blogs or hitting up the gym. Her makeup obsession stems from the realization that makeup is a powerful and (most importantly) fun tool – it can make the difference in how you carry yourself, set the tone for a good day and above all, make anyone feel gorgeous! Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @morgancadenhead or send her an email at editor@blushpretty.com.