One of the biggest beauty challenges I’ve always faced is figuring out my hair. Having fine, limp hair that doesn’t like to hold style has made it difficult for me to find ways to dress it up and wear it confidently for as long as I can remember. Hell, the first time I truly loved my hair was when I shaved half of it off – you can imagine I went through many style experiments before finally landing on that one!

Now, not only is my hair fine and limp, it’s short too – finding products I can use long-term that don’t weigh my hair down, leave it looking too greasy or leave it looking flat is a constant battle. I recently test drove two products, Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam and Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Smart Serum. The former is designed to add volume while moisturizing fine, flat hair and the latter is made as a last-step product, a finishing spray with SMART Keratin targeting dry, damaged strands that conditions without adding extra weight.

I’ve used both products occasionally over the last few weeks and have overall been pleased with the results. The Dove foam has been especially great for when I’ve let my hair air dry – while I try to dry and style my hair each day, I occasionally run out of time in the morning and like having products on hand I can simply use and go.

A lightweight product that goes a long way, this is great for those quick mornings because there’s not much style that needs holding, just my natural waves. That said, when I’ve used it to dry and style I’ve found it still to heavy for my hair. It does a great job of eliminating frizz and keeping my hair looking fresh, but it just doesn’t hold the style as well as I need for my finicky hair.

As for the finishing spray, I’ve found it a bit hit & miss. While it absolutely adds a great level of shine, I think it’s easy to over-apply it. One spray too many and I go from glossy to greasy. I think it’s because as soon as I start adding in too many products (no matter what they are) my hair just kind of says “nope” and give up on co-operating, so I have to be careful what I use this with. I think if you had less temperamental and longer hair, this would be a dream product to add that finishing touch of shine and moisture.

So ladies, if you’re looking for products to add extra moisture, health and shine that can work on your limp locks, give these a whirl. The Dove foam retails for $9.99 on and the Sally Hershberger spray can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart (price unknown).