Winter often comes with some negatives when it comes to skincare – the cold, harsh weather can take a toll on everything from our cheeks to our arms to our legs, and many of us are often reaching for the moisturizer more and more as the temperature drops.

A mainstay in my arsenal of winter weapons? Body butter. Heavier than a typical moisturizer, body butter is perfect for legs and arms when you’re experiencing extra dryness. I recently tried European brand i love… body butter offering in Raspberry & Blackberry, which includes coconut oil and shea butter to help you achieve soft nourished skin.

My first impression of the product was “oh my god is it ever scented.” It actually smells like candy. For me, this was a bit of a turn-off since I often opt for fragrance-free products or one with softer scents like vanilla. The raspberry/blackberry combo comes through quite strong, so if you’re into that sort of thing this would be perfect for you.

When it came to the product itself, it definitely did a good job of moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin, but for a body butter I expected a bit more in terms of thickness – it felt more like a regular body lotion instead of a butter.

I think this product would work well if you don’t require heavy-duty hydration and you like fruity products that really deliver on scent. At $9.99 it’s a decent buy and you can get it online at

Disclosure: Press samples featured.