Before I jump into my review, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Morgan, the newest addition to the BlushPretty team of blog contributors. I’m excited to share my thoughts & reviews with the gorgeous readers of BlushPretty, and hope you enjoy!

The Mary Kay at Play line of products was a welcome first review. The line offers baked eye shadows, eye crayons, jelly lip glosses and lip crayon in four shades each, and everything is only $12 a piece!

I was first impressed by the packaging (very cute!), and found the colours bold, bright and fun.

The Baked Eye Trio in Ocean View is a three-in-one product, and totally gave off a mermaid/ocean vibe.

So pretty!

The shadow was not as pigmented as I expected when dry, but it still went on bold. The silver (top left) was the least pigmented of the three, but not to a fault – it could easily provide a hint of shimmer without being too much at any moment.

The teal shade in the middle (top right) was the most “ocean-y” of the three and felt the most playful, and the navy (bottom left) was something I could see myself wearing often. Lastly, I tried all three in one swipe (bottom right) and found that was my favourite way to wear it.

The best way to wear these, though? Wet – I’ve always found baked eyeshadows are best worn wet, and when I swatched them the colours were incredible! Really felt like an “ocean view this way, and I was really impressed.

Left to right: Navy, Teal, Silver, All Combined

Overall, the shadow was great – definitely something to throw into the mix for a night out! I really want to try the On the Horizon trio & Earth Bound trio now the colours look beautiful and I can only imagine how they’d look on.

Next, I tried both lip products from the line, the Jelly Lip Gloss and the Lip Crayon.

The lip crayon was easy to apply and went on light, but was easy to build if you wanted a bolder look. It definitely lived up to its shade name, Candied Apple, and was a little more – well, candy apple – than I’d usually choose to wear, but the product itself was great for easy wear, and I’m really interested in tryingViolet Loveas a fall shade.

If you’re looking for a gloss that provides just enough shine and isn’t too sticky, the Jelly Lip Gloss is just right. Teddy Bare is a light, sheer nude shade and the product itself is very wearable on top of a lipstick or stain.

My verdict on the Mary Kay at Play lineimpressive.The line is affordable, offers a range of easy-to-wear shades for each product and didn’t disappoint!

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