Shea is an ingredient I was always gravitate towards. Having discovered The Body Shop’s Shea body butter years ago, any time I’ve seen the African tree’s extract included in a body care product I’ve immediately been intrigued. It’s incredibly moisturizing and gentle, and works its magic whether on its own as natural shea butter or in products such as The Body Shop’s entire line of shea products.

Enter a perfect little gift to have on your radar – Soft Hands, Warm Kisses Shea from (you guessed it) The Body Shop. A hand cream and lip butter in one package, it’s a perfect little gift to hang on the tree (it’s packaged so it can do just that!) or fit neatly in a stocking.

The hand cream itself is lightweight yet moisturizing, with a sweet scent that’s not too overwhelming. The lip butter is actually a product I’ve had for some time now, and it’s a creamy, hydrating product that can tackle dry, chapped lips during these cold months. It’s a perfect duo for anyone who needs a boost in the moisturizing department and could use products that travel well – these are right at home in any handbag.

The gift retails for just $12.00 (a $16.00 value) and get this – it also supports The Body Shop’s partner charity for the season, War Child. Each purchase of the gift will put approximately 7 cents to the charity which goes towards funding a class for a child. It’s a gift that will not only make its recipient happy, but a child as well.

Happy holiday shopping!