Before meeting my beau, I was a single lady for many years – and I really thought it was going to stay that way forever. I had pretty negative feelings about Valentine’s Day and was definitely the kind of girl who would be attending the Chrome Hearts portion of our Valentine’s event this week!

When I finally had a reason to celebrate the big day of hearts, kisses, romance and above all love, I quickly realized it’s really the kind of holiday that is up to you to make the most of. If you want my true feelings on the day, it’s this – whether you’re single or attached, Valentine’s Day should be about loving yourself and going the extra mile to make YOU feel sexy & fabulous! If someone gets to benefit from the extra confidence boost, lucky them ;)

With that attitude in mind, I wanted to share a look I recently wore out for girls night that really captured how I think every woman should feel on a day like Valentine’s – red lipstick included, of course (towards the bottom)!

This look definitely started with the hair. I opted for a lot more volume than usual and pulled back what little hair I have into something different, and already I was feeling pretty great.

When it got to the makeup, it was all about a soft base and my interpretation of a smoky eye – nothing too crazy, but considering I’m not an eye shadow girl to begin with it was definitely a departure from what I typically wear. False lashes were a must – they’re my go-to item when I’m looking to pump up the “glam.”

Of course, when it came time to walk out the door I reached for my Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge (and a few accessories) to complete the evening-look.

Simply by changing up my usual routine and stepping outside of my comfort zone, I dramatically boosted my confidence, so I hope this look inspires you to do the same on Friday!

My challenge to you this Valentine’s Day is this: choose your outfit, beauty look and even your underthings solely for the purpose of boosting your own self confidence. Take the day to highlight what you love about yourself, and whether you’re going on a date, going out with the girls or hanging out solo, I honestly believe you’ll enjoy Valentine’s that much more.

Happy V-Day from the BlushPretty team! 

Morgan Cadenhead is a self-professed beauty junkie living & working in Toronto. By day, she’s a PR pro who loves all things writing & media, but by night she’s often catching up on her favourite fashion & beauty blogs or hitting up the gym. Her makeup obsession stems from the realization that makeup is a powerful and (most importantly) fun tool – it can make the difference in how you carry yourself, set the tone for a good day and above all, make anyone feel gorgeous! Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @morgancadenhead or send her an email at