On November 17, 2014, this year’s inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame … (you know hockey right? Canada’s favourite pastime?) … were officially inducted. Now I’ll admit, I don’t play hockey and don’t follow it all that closely – but I do know athletes – AND I also know that hockey is a larger than life sport here in the north … so imagine my surprise when the BlushPretty team was asked to provide makeup and hair services for professional golfer
Allison Micheletti, the wife of NHL great Michael Modano.

Needless to say – we’re were pretty chuffed. Both the Modano and Micheletti families were welcoming and kind as we spent an afternoon with them beautifying
the ladies of both families before the big ceremony.

While we try to remain calm and poised through any situation, we did have to take a minute, get puck-struck, and ask for a photo.  We owe it all to Samantha
who had the ovaries to speak up and ask!

Thank you so much to that Modano and Micheletti families for welcoming us into your circle for the afternoon and congratulations to Michael Modano on a
well-deserved election into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Well … we hope your week is going just as great as ours started!