Alright, so yesterday, I admitted that I sometimes judge other moms but there is one area where I WILL NEVER judge another mom and that area is: losing the baby weight. First, I want to congratulate and commend all the moms who manage to stay within a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, and bounce right back right after pregnancy. But I also want to congratulate all the moms out there whom let their bodies flow through pregnancy naturally, gaining the weight they gain even if its more than necessary and losing the weight they lose even if it takes longer than expected. The common denominator between both stories: respect for the body.

I don’t believe in punishing your body or depriving it. I do believe in listening to it and taking care of it.

Of course, the healthiest thing for your body after pregnancy (and for you and your children!) IS to lose any extra pounds and to get your health and strength back to a comfortable level. Here are my tips on easing back into it:

Don’t rush it. The goal to will fit into your pre-preggo jeans within two weeks after birth is nice, but its also going to set yourself up for disappointment if it doesn’t happen. Try aiming for health/strength related goals first before body image/size ones. For example: I’m going to do ten squats, ten lunges and ten push-offs against the wall each morning and work my way up to 15 of each by the end of the month. Focusing on rebuilding strength and tone first will keep your mind off the size number and instead allow you to appreciate the gradual positive changes your body is making, keeping you motivated.

Write it down. Easier said than done, yes, but I do find writing down what you’re eating makes you more aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. You’ll begin to realize what habits you can lose, when you’re eating mindlessly, and where you need to beef up your habits (are you getting enough iron and calcium?). But in addition to keeping a food journal, also keep an exercise journal – logging in what activities you have done and the times you did them. This will help you determine the best times of day to fit in a quick minute workout or when you feel most motivated to do it, or when the newborn seems to not mind if you take ten minutes to yourself to swing a kettle ball around!

Ask for help or take the help. Don’t be supermom. If grandma comes over and says “take a nap while I watch baby for 30 minutes” or the bff says “go eat something, I’ll change her diaper” – your immediate response is to smile, say thank you and do as prescribed. You’ll need a nap for energy. You’ll need time to feed yourself a healthy meal. Be grateful for moments of help and use them to treat and rejuvenate your body properly.