quick beauty: powder puff to the rescue

Here’s a tip for those who love to carry a really small purse or minimal touch up products while attending special events! Instead of carrying your full compact and your powder brush for touch-ups try using a powder puff and only that. The trick is simple, scrape a bit of your pressed powder or shake some loose powder onto a small round powder puff (you can find some at the dollar store!).  Press the puff together so the powder settles in and then wrap in a Ziploc. If done correctly, enough product will sit in the puff and when it comes time to do a touch up, all you need to do is whip out your pre-powdered powder puff and press lightly and gently over your shiny areas. The powder will mattify the t-zone and soak up the oilies and you can ditch the puff when you are done. That leaves more room in your tiny purse to collect some phone numbers!

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