As of late, many skincare experts and makeup artists, myself included, are touting the effectiveness and overall awesomeness of using cleansing oils or face oils as part of your skincare. Often, when recommended, the oiliest of the oiliest balk and say “but my skin is already so oily … won’t it break me out more … won’t I be greasy“.  The short answer is yes, you might feel that way when you make the initial switch. As with starting or changing any routine, you have to expect some troubleshooting and adapt accordingly … but you also have to be patient to see the proper results. For most people who make the switch from a cleansing bar, gel, foam, or soap to an oil based cleanser the change in how the skin reacts to and produces oil occurs after approximately two weeks. Some of the benefits of using oil-based cleansers and moisturizers for those with oily prone skin include: softer, smoother and clearer skintone; less acne and clogged pores; and less production of oil meaning less shine and oil buildup throughout the day. The theory is, by using oil to treat the skin, it causes the skin to think – “hey, I already get enough oil – I don’t need to produce more …” and therefore it starts to produce less oil naturally. I’m a firm believer in this as I used to be quite oily but since adding a face oil to my routine, I rarely have to set any of my cream or liquid based products with powder or touch-up throughout the day. I get significantly less shiny. It’s something to try, beautythusiasts!