We live in this really great time where hair salons will give free bang trims to their current/existing clients. Fist pump! This means that you really have no excuse to perform bathroom butchery on your bangs … ever. But that isn’t the point of this post. Actually, the point of this post is tipping on a wonderfully convenient and much needed free service (bangs can grow too long within two weeks of a fresh cut – could you imagine if you had to pay for EVERY trim – hello excuse for the return of bathroom butchery).  Do you or don’t you?  YES – you do. Despite the fact that it is free AND that you didn’t need an appointment AND that it took all of two minutes for her to spritz, trim and dry them out, a tip is still expected. You definitely don’t need to hand over a nice green twenty, but a pretty blue five would do. You were still provided a service so tip accordingly!